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EyelashesWhat is a Lash Perm & Why You Should Get One
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What is a Lash Perm & Why You Should Get One

It seems like everyone has either gotten or is getting eyelash extensions these days. However, some women prefer a more natural look and can simply appreciate the beauty of lash enhancements on others. Well, look no further because this article will tell you everything you want to know about lash perm treatments and why they’re everything you want! How so? This lash treatment will achieve the natural look you love while mixing both worlds of the appearance of eyelash extensions without adding any false ones.

The Art of the Lash Perm

This treatment, also known as a lash lift, is much less intimidating than it might sound, and it has actually been around since the early ’80s (although the process has become much easier and more gentle as of late, hence the recent surge in popularity).

An eyelash perm is ideal for people who have natural lashes that are in pretty good shape and length but want a little extra oomph without the maintenance of extensions. This can apply to a vast majority of women that fit this category and are the perfect candidate. Are your eyelashes decently long, albeit straight, and need the help of mascara and a lash curler to get them curved? Then the eyelash perm would work wonders on you!

The process is pretty straightforward with booking a lash appointment with a spa that offers a lash perm service. If you wear contacts, it’s advised to remove them beforehand and to shower ahead of time, since you cannot get your eyelashes wet for the first 24 to 48 hours following the procedure.

Then the aesthetician will discuss your typical lash routine and the look you are going for to determine the best course of action. It’s usually recommended to opt for doing a lash tint with the lash lift for maximum results. Your makeup (if you’re wearing any) is removed along with any natural oils around the eyes before applying under-eye pads to keep those pesky lower lashes away during the treatment.

A silicone rod is used to achieve the ideal curl, usually, the size being based on your lash length (the smaller the rod, the tighter the curl, much like a regular curling iron). A gentle adhesive to secure the lashes in place is applied around the rod and thus began the perm! First with a lifting lotion, which makes your lashes flexible and sits on your lashes for a few minutes, followed by a setting lotion, to lock the curl into place and condition your natural lashes.

After your lashes have a chance to set, the setting lotion is cleaned away and the lashes are dried, making the eyelash perm complete! If you include a lash tint in addition to the lash lift,  the semi-permanent dye is added to your upper and lower lashes, and a few more minutes for this process is added on. Overall, the whole process from consultation to finish takes roughly 45 minutes for the appointment!

The Results of the Lash Perm & The First 24 Hours

You will not be disappointed with the results. Stick straight lashes will be perfectly curled which normally only happens after five minutes with an eyelash curler, only to have them fall flat by the end of the day, and now they’ll be darker, but not too dark and it will certainly make your eyes pop in a super flattering way!

Remember, just like with a hair perm, you cannot get your hair for 24 hours after the treatment otherwise the curl will release. The same rule applies to an eyelash perm. Avoiding moisture is key, and this includes crying, so just to be safe, skip watching a tissue-worthy movie/show or cutting onions the same day you get your lash lift. (Dry shampoo and a quick body wash avoiding the face will work until the 24 hours is up.)

Some other aftercare tips include minimizing oil-based products (like face oils and oil cleansers), skipping the waterproof mascara, and being cautious of scrunching your lashes into your pillow when you sleep. It can be a difficult challenge at first, but if you’re determined to follow the rules, your lashes will seriously never look better!

A lash lift will typically last two to three months, depending on your lash growth cycle, so when the lashes shed, it will come back with your natural texture. Luckily, since the eyelash perm process is so gentle, you can easily get another one down the road if you want to have those perfectly curled lashes again! Call Botanica Day Spa today to book your lash lift and lash perm appointment for some fabulously curled and full lashes!



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