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MassageWhat is Reflexology Massage?
what is reflexology massage

What is Reflexology Massage?

While massage therapy has stayed in a true path of techniques and styles, over the last 20 years a new type has emerged and that is reflexology. This massage style is available in spas, by private massage therapists, and certified reflexologists at medical facilities, such as a physical therapy office, reflexology has become a global therapy that everyone should at least try once.

However, it continues to be a mystery to many that see this service at the spa. What is reflexology? Why is offered at a spa when it’s typically used in physical therapy? What is the process and what does it help with? We help give you a more in-depth understanding of this therapy and why it should be your next massage!

Reflexology Massage Explained

When the research on reflexes was first being developed in the 1980s, and yes, it wasn’t that long ago that this was being understood, there was a lot of skepticism about it being categorized under massage. It was scrutinized for being labeled in some practices as a reflexology massage rather than a natural, complementary therapy.

Is reflexology like a normal massage? It’s known as a practice involving thumb and finger techniques to apply pressure in alternating degrees to reflexes and reflex points. There is a reflex map of the body that is learned by the reflexologist in this process, with the points being located on the hands, feet, and sometimes the outer ears.

In research studies involving reflexes, it has been shown that there is a definite relationship between tactile sensation and somatosensory (another more complicated term for sensations) when reflex points are activated. In less scientific terms, this means that the practice of reflexology does work in the connection between reflex points and their corresponding relief points, such as organs, glands, or systems of the body.

The best way to explain what reflexology does is to give you an example. If you suffer from headaches, this therapy works to knead and press on certain areas of the foot to bring about relief for this; the big toe is what would be specified to relieve a headache. Reflexology has varying areas for major parts of the body, like sinus, lungs, liver, kidneys, the pelvis, colon, adrenal glands, spleen, stomach, heart, lungs, etc. The points corresponding to these areas of the body are called meridians and relate to each pressure point differently.

A massage therapist at a spa must be a certified professional in reflexology to correctly address the pressure points and bring about relaxation, relief, and remove tension. Some of the incredible benefits of reflexology are:

·        Cleanses the body of toxins

·        Helps to boost the immune system

·        Increases circulation

·        Promotes healing

This service can greatly benefit the flows and regulators of your body to aid in them functioning properly. It’s a simple, yet very effective therapy that everyone should try at least once! You never know, it could become your favorite massage technique!

Reflexology Massage at Botanica

While most practices and offices that differ from a spa create more of a “treatment” style to reflexology, at Botanica we still aspire to bring about the relaxing atmosphere of our namesake. Our reflexology is done with clothes on and focuses on the feet to relieve tension and relax the whole body. Plus, you’re able to enjoy the tranquil massage room while your reflex points are worked on, which will definitely promote further relaxation. Our professional massage therapist will consult with you before beginning on any problem areas you might have, such as headaches, stomach issues, sensitivity, or even sinus trouble.

These areas are taken up through reflexology to create relief and alleviate the physical issues, which can also help with trouble sleeping. There are so many different things that can be causing you stress, and this therapy can possibly fix them! The best part of reflexology at Botanica Day Spa is the various time increments offered here. If you haven’t tried it before, we recommend our shortest increment for the therapy at 25 minutes. Then you can slowly build up to 55 minutes, 85, and even 115 minutes for the ultimate relaxation and relieving experience with this reflexology massage!

Stress and other life situations can constantly cause ailments for us and just general discomfort or tension. At Botanica spa, we love giving our clients the very best results we can offer, and this unique technique and therapy are one of them! Book your next massage appointment with us and give reflexology a try – you will be surprised by how well it works!



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