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EyebrowsWhat is the Best Trend for Your Eyebrows?

What is the Best Trend for Your Eyebrows?

Eyebrows are the here and now trend of the fashion world. This makeup feature has become the most popular option for anyone looking for natural-looking brows that are fierce and fabulous! What eyebrow shape is best for you? It is the question of the moment. Now, there were some pretty ridiculous and awful eyebrow trends last year, such as the wiggly brow and the basket weave brow.

A woman should always stick to the basics for everyday appearances and leave the futuristic and fashion-forward trends for times when they are deemed suitable. Or, if you wake up feeling funky, why not have some fun with your makeup! It’s not just for our mini-me’s to play with our makeup, after all.

Do Eyebrows Make a Difference

For the everyday eyebrows, something classic and defined is what women are looking for. Arched, full eyebrows are the dream and there are plenty of ways to get them. From trends of old to recent times, you will have seen a severe spike in the importance of the eyebrow. Dating as far back as ancient Japanese times, even Geisha’s would use a charcoal stick to color in their eyebrows. Naturally, eyebrows have had their shine in the spotlight in plenty of eras, though nothing has been quite as prominent in beauty as the brow as it does now.

You may have wondered with this rapidly growing and staple trend – do eyebrows make a difference? Should I bother with fussing with my eyebrows? Well, even just a selfie of before and after makeup application will show a significant change in skin tone, coloration, and bold lashes. This now goes for eyebrows as well. Having fierce and notable eyebrows is the declaration of this day and age and it doesn’t hurt one ounce to follow along with it. The attention on eyebrows has certainly caused a boom in the makeup industry from a plethora of brands releasing brow tools and products to highlight those delicate hairs. Some of these products are:

·        Eyebrow brushes

·        Eyebrow pomade pots (similar to a thick paste for you to “paint” your eyebrows with a dark shade of color close to matching your natural eyebrows)

·        Eyebrow pencils

·        Eyebrow powders

·        Eyebrow pens (like liquid eyeliner, but for your eyebrows)

Therefore, it has become very easy to add this beauty trend to your makeup repertoire without breaking the bank. However, doing your eyebrows every single day can become a huge pain in the rear. Applying whatever makeup product you use day after day for your eyebrows will eventually get to you. Luckily, there’s one sure find that will definitely make you want to hop aboard this trend train!

Eyebrow Tinting

Filling in your eyebrows has become the number one choice for most women. Not everyone has natural, full eyebrows and require some additional help to make them appear thicker. There are endless eyebrow powders and liquid makeups for filling them in, but they are not permanent nor last longer than when you wash your face. Microblading is a fad that results in semi-permanent coloration to your eyebrows, but is costly and requires multiple appointments for maintenance and upkeep.

Where should you look for natural appearing, less hassle eyebrows?

Botanica Day Spa offers a brow makeover with eyebrow tinting and shaping! It is the ultimate combination that you will instantly fall in love with. Eyebrow tinting lasts for a few weeks and gives your eyebrows that touch of glam and 24/7 perfection of naturally filled in eyebrows without the maintenance. If you have unruly brows, which is not uncommon, then our shaping will absolutely help you keep those curves you want! If that wasn’t enough stipulation, Botanica has been voted the “Best in Tampa Bay’ for brow waxing! Call today to book a super fast and easy brow makeover!



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