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EyebrowsEyebrow Exfoliation: Is This a Trend You Should Be Trying?
eyebrow exfoliation

Eyebrow Exfoliation: Is This a Trend You Should Be Trying?

You are probably well aware of the fact that when it comes to caring for your skin there are many different things you need to do in order to keep it healthy and radiant. Eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water is very important for healthy skin. Obviously, you need to wash and moisturize your skin, as well as protect it from those things that would harm it–like extensive exposure to the sun. It’s also important to exfoliate it. This helps to remove dry, dead skin cells so that pores don’t become clogged and irritated and skin doesn’t look dull and worn. Proper exfoliation is gentle but effective, and only occurs once or twice a week. You may also enjoy the subtle glow your skin has after it’s been exfoliated, which makes it easier to understand why exfoliation is important. But are there areas of your face that are normally forgotten but can benefit from exfoliation? How about your eyebrows?

Eyebrow Care

If you take a moment to consider your most distinctive facial features you’re sure to agree that your eyebrows are very important. Not only can the right brow shape and color accentuate your eyes and help to make you look younger and your face more defined and beautiful, but they can also help to show your emotion. Your eyebrows can effectively communicate when you are surprised, angry, frustrated or sad. In fact, you may have had the impression more than once that improperly shaped or styled eyebrows on another individual give the impression that they are angry or sad when they’re actually not. This is why understanding how to properly care for your eyebrows is actually an essential part of your overall beauty regimen.

When you consider important eyebrow care, you may focus most of your attention on keeping them trimmed and shaped. Perhaps you may even consider their moisture needs, but you may never have considered exfoliating them. However, eyebrow specialists recommend regular eyebrow exfoliation in order to help prevent ingrown hairs and promote healthy hair growth. Fortunately, it’s a simple process and can easily be rolled into your skincare routine.

The trick to proper eyebrow exfoliation is how you exfoliate. Whenever you exfoliate your face once or twice a week, take thirty seconds to exfoliate your eyebrows. Simply massage in circular motions around your eyebrows. That’s key–don’t massage your exfoliator directly into your eyebrows but rather around them. This will serve its purpose perfectly, sloughing off the dead skin cells that clog the skin and affect healthy, beautiful eyebrows. However, if you massage exfoliator directly into your eyebrows, especially if you do so vigorously, you may unintentionally remove hairs, irritate your skin or even open the door to possible infection.

Not only can proper eyebrow exfoliation prevent ingrown hairs and promote more healthy hair growth, it can clean up the entire brow area, which makes it a fresh palette for your cosmetic products. Just as the exfoliation of the rest of your face allows your foundation to go on smoother and sit better on your face, exfoliation of the eyebrow area allows brow pencils, gels, and powder to go on smoother and do their jobs better. Furthermore, it can allow for better absorption of important skincare products like sunscreen, anti-aging remedies, and hair growth remedies.

It’s true that eyebrow exfoliation alone is not enough to make your eyebrows the thick, beautiful, accentuating features you desire, but they can certainly help. With products going on smoother and the skin around them being fresh and clean, your exfoliated eyebrows may look better than ever.

For more information about eyebrow exfoliation and other eyebrow tips, contact Botanica today.



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