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NailsWhich Manicure Do I Choose?

Which Manicure Do I Choose?

Everyone loves having their nails done. There’s something gratifying about having the nails groomed and painted with a shiny color that we just love looking down at. There are several different types of manicures to choose from, and sometimes it can be tricky to determine which one is best for you. Before making that choice, its important to understand what each manicure consists of, and how it will benefit you.

The traditional manicure involves the removal of cuticles, shaping and filing of the nails, removal of any debris around/under the nails, adding moisture to the cuticles and hands, and lastly polishing the nails. Traditional manicures are great for people who like to change the color of their polish often, and want to be able to remove their polish easily. The downsides to traditional manicures are that they take some time to dry, and that they are more prone to chipping.

Gel Polish manicures involve the same basic protocol, but use a completely different polish at the end. Gel polish is activated by curing in a UV (or LED) lamp resulting in a hard, dry, shiny color. That’s right, they basically dry instantly! Gel polish manicures can last up to two weeks, depending on how rough or gentle you are with your hands. This type of polish needs to be soaked off and will not come off with regular non acetone nail polish remover. Gel polish manicures are great for those who use their hands a lot, and want/need their polish to stay on without a chip. There are many different brands that make this type of polish including OPI, CND- Shellac, Gelish, and more.

Vinylux polish, made by CND, is a cross between regular nail polish and gel polish. It dries in approximately eight minutes from the natural UV light (so no lamp needed). There is no base coat required, since the bonding agent is inside of the color itself. As the Vinylux continues to dry in the natural light, it hardens and remains shiny like gel polish. It can be removed with regular nail polish remover, however it takes slightly more effort than removing normal polish. This is a great way to have longer lasting polish without having to come into the salon to soak it off. For people who are relatively easy on their hands, they can enjoy a manicure that wont chip in 3 days, plus the Vinylux is a little more gentle on the nails.

Whatever decision you choose to make, all of these manicures can be great for any type of need or occasion. Gel Polish will last the longest, and be great for a long vacation or for a profession where your hands are under lots of stress. Vinylux will allow you to enjoy a longer manicure, but be able to remove the color easily and quickly. Traditional manicures are always a good option as well, especially for those who aren’t excessively rough with their hands.

Happy Manicuring to you all!

Gen Obolensky

Nail Technician/Aesthetician and Lash Extension Specialist


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