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FacialWhy LED is the New Anti-Aging Goldmine in Spa’s: 3 Reasons to Hop Onboard
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Why LED is the New Anti-Aging Goldmine in Spa’s: 3 Reasons to Hop Onboard

If you’re active on Instagram, you will undoubtedly have seen celebrities and sponsored ads promoting LED facial tools. You may have thought what a strange new fad in skin care. It may look odd, but the results are anything but. Why so many people, not just celebrities, have turned to LED for skin care is much more beneficial than you may have realized.

What is an LED facial?

An LED facial uses a special tool that harnesses light-emitting diodes, which send low-level energy deep into the layers of skin to stimulate cellular function. What are diodes? Originally developed by NASA (how awesome!), diodes is a semiconductor device that allows the flow of a current of energy in one direction only, rather than two or more directions. There are two types of LED lights used for skin stimulation.

Red light LED is used for anti-aging purposes by stimulating the cells and activating collagen production, the fundamental property in our skin that fights wrinkles and keeps our skin looking young and plump. Blue light LED is for acne-prone skin types and kills the main bacteria that lives just under the surface of the skin and is responsible for cysts, pimples, zits, etc.

LED light therapy is highly beneficial and is far less expensive than plastic surgery, though the results are not quite as dramatic than going under the knife. It will minimize fine lines and wrinkles with red light LED treatments, as well as reduce redness, sun damage, and even stretch marks. It is also far more gentle than plastic surgery and natural by comparison.

Here are 3 reasons why trying an LED facial will transform your outlook on skin care:

  1. It feels like sunbathing on your face, without any of the harmful results.
  2. It smooths out your skin while also reducing dark spots and inflammation.
  3. Your skin reacts to the LED light therapy in a way unlike other types of facials or skin care products.

While most of us think light treatments would be more damaging to our skin than helpful, this is just incomplete information on it or false advertising. This treatment is highly beneficial and promotes better, healthier skin. Whether you want to boost your skin’s collagen or help get rid of your acne, LED facials are calling your name.

Botanica LED Facial

At Botanica Day Spa, the LED facial truly offers the best of two facials. To start with, the LED Facial begins with the Botanica Deep Cleansing Facial! This facial has exfoliation, steam, a deep pore cleansing, facial massage, and a facial mask depending on what skin focal point the aesthetician suggests. After this classic facial, the healing benefits of the LED light therapy facial follows.

If you have inflammation too, this treatment is great to reduce it, on top of stimulating collagen. It’s a very relaxing facial treatment and the lights are not harmful to the eyes like UV lights are, therefore your eyes do not have to be covered during the spa service. So no spots in front of your vision or blurriness!

Some trends are worth trying and we wholeheartedly encourage you to try out our LED facial and see the amazing results yourself! Call us today at 727-441-1711 or book your appointment online. Come join us for fabulous, clear and youthful skin you’ll adore!



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