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FacialOur Skin Gets Dirty (Like Really Dirty): Behold the Botanica Deep Cleansing Facial

Our Skin Gets Dirty (Like Really Dirty): Behold the Botanica Deep Cleansing Facial

Admittedly, we all have forgotten to take care of our skin at some point. Slept with makeup on, didn’t wash off the grime after the gym…we’ve all been there. Taking care of your skin is important, not just for appearance’s sake, but for the normal health of your body. The skin is the largest organ (did you know skin was an organ?) in our body and proper care of our organs means a longer, healthier lifespan. If your skin is in need of an extra pair of hands, then let the Botanica Deep Cleansing Facial help.

Pores & Facial Products

No matter how hard we try, pores still suck in the worst of debris. Free radicals, dirt, sweat, oils, food particles (like grease and granules) and makeup all can clog our pores and make our skin work that much harder to stay smooth, hydrated, uncongested and healthy. The air quality varies day by day and city by city, however, the general pollution in the atmosphere can wreak havoc on our skin without us realizing.

Face wash, exfoliators, serums, and moisturizers should all be stocked in your bathroom and used regularly to avoid severe damage to your skin. It’s just as much your job to look after your skin as it is your facialist. Keeping your skin clean, hydrated, and protected from the many things that can enter our pores is definitely important. A facial ensures that your skin is doing its very best to regulate and fight any ill signs of aging, pigmentation, scarring, drying, and much more.

Certainly, a well laid out face care regimen handles the daily issues and removing makeup, but this is why a maintenance facial every month is best:

  • Facials clean deeper than normal facial cleansers or at-home masks.
  • Professional aestheticians can use specific tools that they trained for to handle problem areas, targeted skin issues, and work the skin in a way that is unlike anything you could try at home.
  • Professional grade skin care can be applied to one or several skin problems you may be having, like chemical peels and microdermabrasion.
  • You learn tips from your aesthetician on how to treat and care for your skin, which can be much more effective than Googling it.
  • It helps your skin, though also offers a soothing and unwinding getaway from life’s stresses.
  • You know you’ll have incredible results rather than a 50/50 chance on your own.
  • Facials are catered to your exact skin type, skin problems or worries, and sensitivity.

There are plenty of facial cleansers and beauty masks to have at home and we are definitely not suggesting you don’t give your skin a little boost. Though, the results will not be as clear and fast as a professional facial at Botanica.

The Deep Cleansing Facial

Deep cleaning of your skin is the trickiest of all skin care. You have to still be gentle enough to not damage your skin, while also digging deep into your pores to extract every ounce of yuck there is (and everyone has this issue, rest assured). The Botanica Deep Cleansing Facial offers the easiest and absolutely the most rewarding results for squeaky clean, beautiful skin.

This Botanica facial begins with exfoliation and steam, to really awaken your pores that the unwanted grime is on its way out. Then a deep pore cleanser is used to clear out what the exfoliation loosened up, followed by a facial massage to promote proper blood flow and drainage. Lastly, the aesthetician will apply a facial mask custom to your skin and skin problems on that visit. What this equates to is truly remarkably cleansed, smooth, and gorgeous skin! You will see the difference from when you entered the spa room to the end of your appointment and become awed at the healthy state of your face.

Don’t let problematic skin or troubled skin become your enemy. Let Botanica battle it out alongside you with the Deep Cleansing Facial. Call us today at 727-441-1711 or book your facial appointment online for a new dawn of clean, healthy skin!



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