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MassageBlow Winter Stress Away with The Cupping Massage
cupping massage

Blow Winter Stress Away with The Cupping Massage

While many associate cupping as a practice only offered in specific fields, the art of cupping therapy has long been used in massage with immense benefits. The alternative medicine therapy of cupping is from ancient Chinese medicine and has continued its rewarding technique through the centuries to modern day. Cupping is not just for alternative clinics, some spas have offered cupping massage for years, yet not many spa-goers are aware that the service is offered or what it even is!

What is Cupping?

Cupping is done by placing special cups of glass or bamboo onto the skin, creating suction by the technique of application. This technique is done in various ways, mainly by placing a flammable substance in one of the cups and setting it on fire, to create heat in the cup. Once the flame is gone, the professional therapist places the cup on your skin. When the air starts to cool inside the cup, this creates the suction aspect of the cupping massage, which tightens around the surface of your skin and pulls it up around the rim of the cup. Each cup is left on the skin for several minutes to allow it to pull the toxins loose, penetrate into the layers of muscular issue, and work its magic.

The results are tremendous with aiding in inflammation, blood flow, relief of pain, and relaxation. It is used in massage as a form of deep tissue massage and is well known for pulling toxins out of the body, as well as loosen scar tissue and increase circulation. A few other amazing benefits of cupping are:

·        Increased range of motion for the body with the deep tissue massage.

·        Helps relieve deep muscular issues

·        Effective on cellulite!

The ancient art of cupping therapy has been dated back to 1,550 B.C. and is known throughout the Chinese culture for its healing and medicinal benefits. Even celebrities like Jennifer Aniston (a yoga enthusiast), Gwyneth Paltrow, Justin Bieber, and even Michael Phelps (the Olympic swimmer) has used cupping to help their overall wellness and detox their bodies before big events.

There is even a modern version of cupping that uses silicone cups or a rubber pump instead of fire to the create the vacuum effect, while the silicone cups allows them to move from place to place on your skin, to mimic massage movements. Cupping is a unique and incredible technique to aid in relief and physical ailments, just as the ancient Chinese have done for thousands of years.

Botanica Day Spa Cupping Massage

If you want to mix things up when you go the spa for your regular massage, try spicing it up with the cupping massage! You still receive the benefits and style of a deep tissue massage, but with a fiery twist that will also give you great detoxing results. And if you’ve tried everything to get rid of that stubborn cellulite, give cupping therapy a shot – perfect to do before Spring Break begins!

The round circles that can appear on the skin from toxins being pulled last several days, even sometimes up to a week, so it’s best to do a cupping massage in advance to a big event or heading to the beach. It is a conversation starter either way! Call us today or book online and give the ancient art of cupping therapy a try with our Botanica signature twist on it! You will feel so rejuvenated and your body clean and free of junk afterward, it might even become your new favorite massage. You won’t know until you try!



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