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12 Reasons Your Lash Extensions Are Falling Out

Lash extensions are all the rage in the beauty industry these days.  They are a simple, semi-permanent way to make your lashes look longer and fuller.  Women have been ditching their mascaras for extensions because they look more natural and last longer.  However, they do require a bit of maintenance and if you aren’t properly caring for them, they won’t last as long as they should.  Here are some reasons why your extensions may be falling out. 

1. Natural Lash Shedding

Naturally, your lashes shed and are replaced with a new younger lash.  You will lose up to one or more of your natural lashes every single day. This is totally normal and natural.

2. Wearing Mascara/Waterproof Makeup

One of the many benefits of extensions is not having to wear mascara.  Mascara can break down the bonds in the adhesive of the extensions.  If you insist on still wearing mascara, make sure to apply it only to the middle of the lash and down to the tip.  Waterproof mascara is even harder to remove.  You can end up tugging the extension out of place when trying to remove it.   

3. Oily Skin or Overly Active Oil Glands

Having oily skin can be an annoying problem to deal with.  It also can cause problems for lash exten-sions.  Overly oily skin can break down the glue adhesive, causing the extensions to have difficulty sticking.  In extreme cases of oily skin, lash extensions might not even stick at all.

4. Technician Error

We like to think that the technician applying our lashes is experienced and knows that she is doing.  However, there is still the possibility for error.  The technician might not have properly glued the lash or did not use enough glue.  She also could have neglected to prep the lash before applying the extensions.

5. Picking or Rubbing the Extension

Sometimes, you just can’t prevent yourself from rubbing your eyes, but excessive rubbing or picking at the extension can loosen the adhesive and cause the extension to fall out.  This can also lead to the loss of your natural lashes too.  If your own lashes are falling out, there won’t be enough natural lashes to apply the extension to – so do not rub!

6. Sleeping Style

All of us have different sleeping positions that make us the most comfortable at night, but those who sleep on their stomachs or in a weird position might have issues with their lash extensions falling out.  Smashing your face into a pillow every night can cause your extensions to bend or rub against the adhesive.

7. Not Caring For the Lash Properly

While you may be hesitant to touch your extension, if you don’t remove dirt, oil, or debris, you might end up losing the extension.  Not cleaning your extensions can invite infection or inflammation in the hair follicle.  Brushing your extension is also important.  You should brush your lashes with a spoolie, or lash brush, in the morning or after your shower.  Make sure to use gentle strokes when brushing.  Also, clean your spoolie when you’re done!   

8. Using the Wrong Skincare Products

Using oily skincare products is a big no-no!  Like oily skin, oily products can break down the adhesive of your extension.

9. Lash Stimulators

What’s a lash stimulator? Products like Latisse and Revitalash are considered lash stimulators. They are fantastic products, but do cause your lashes to fall out more quickly because they speed up the growth cycle of your natural lashes. These products may require you to need a fill sooner than you normally would if you didn’t use a lash stimulator. HOWEVER, more lashes will come and they do benefit your overall lash look. We highly recommended using lash stimulators.   

10. Medications/Vitamins

Thyroid medications can change the environment of the lash area, making natural lashes oilier, dryer, or more brittle.  Please be aware that if you are taking this medication, your lashes may respond differently.   If you take vitamins that encourage or stimulate hair growth, your lashes may shed faster.  There also may be other medications that change your body’s chemistry and make lash extensions not stick so great.

11. Getting Them Wet Too Soon

It is recommended that you do not get your new lash extensions wet for at least 24-48 hours after they are applied because the glue is still curing.  If you do get your new extensions wet, they can crystalize and cause irritation, which leads to harmful eye rubbing.  After they have fully dried, you are free to swim and workout as usual. 

12. Not Using At-Home Care

To extend the life of your lashes, we recommend using sealants to coat the lash and glue to help repel oil, dirt, and other things that may break down the glue of your extension.  You want to make sure you maintain your lashes; after all, you just invested money for those extensions!



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