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EyelashesEyelash Extensions: True/False
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Eyelash Extensions: True/False

People always say that “eyes are the windows to the soul”. If that’s true, then eyelash extensions are the most luxuriously swanky curtains available! Before investing in some top-of-the line lash extensions for your peepers, it’s important to get the facts straight so you know what to expect.

They Will Damage My Real Lashes

False! This is one of the biggest misconceptions out there about eyelash extensions. My highly experienced aestheticians know how to correctly and properly apply the extensions without ruining the health of your natural lashes. Poor quality extensions can also cause damage, so don’t trust your delicate lashes to anybody else but Botanica! Be sure not to rub your eyes roughly or pull on the extensions, as these can cause lash loss and can damage your own lashes.

You Can’t Wear Mascara

This is also untrue. Though it is definitely not necessary when you have lash extensions, using mascara will not damage the extensions. If you plan on applying mascara, make sure it is not a waterproof formula and be incredibly careful when removing it at the end of the day.

Extensions Can Require Upkeep

Yes, this is true, but don’t start stressing about adding more time to your beauty routine. Eyelash extensions can become tangled at times, so I suggest carrying a small, pocket-sized mascara wand to perform a quick comb-through when necessary. You should very carefully wash your lashes every evening to ensure that your eyes stay clean and healthy. Regular touch-ups with fill-ins should be performed every 2-4 weeks to ensure that your extensions remain looking fresh and full. In the long run, extensions save you time and give you better results than mascara ever could.

Extensions vs. Prescription Products

While prescription lash products can make your lashes longer and thicker, lash extensions can actually provide you with the beautiful curl and shape you have always wanted without the wait. Extensions give you instant results and add volume and darkness. If you are in a time crunch, extensions are the way to go!

With the advantages of lash extensions becoming more obvious every day, it’s likely that this current beauty fad won’t be just a fad after all. Soon, lash extensions will become a way of life for women across the country who want to put their best lashes forward!

Love, Gen

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