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beauty in flaws

4 Ways to Find Beauty in Your Flaws

We all do it.  We all stand in front of the mirror, staring at every inch of our body, looking for and fretting over what we consider to be flaws.  This is actually harmful to our view of self and by extension, to our health and beauty.

Finding Beauty in Your Flaws

While we are usually our own worst critic, we should actually be our own strongest supporter.  Learning to find beauty in our flaws is one way to accomplish this, and following are four ways to make it happen:

1. Realize that your “flaws” make you who you are.  No one wants to be just like everyone else, and fortunately what we may see as flaws are those things that make us distinct and unique.  Embracing your flaws and recognizing and appreciating them for what they really are–those things that make you unique–can help you to find beauty in them.

2. Realize that other people love your “flaws”.  If you take a moment to think about it, you may realize that others around you have complimented you on the very things that you consider to be flaws.  Don’t ignore them and don’t argue with them, but recognize that they are paying you a sincere compliment.  If they see beauty in these things, look again to see the beauty for yourself.

3. Realize that what you perceive about yourself is your reality, and you can change it.  Your biggest “flaw” may be something that no one else has ever or will ever notice about you, and yet you spend hours, days, weeks or even longer obsessing about it.  An uncommon feature may be considered by others to be beautifully striking, not a blemish.

4. Realize that no one is “perfectly” without unique traits or features.  Fortunately, it has become increasingly well-known that models and celebrities are not actually natural, perfect beauties, with some celebrities even revealing their before and after Photoshop pictures.  The point to keep in mind is that even models and celebrities are very well-known and admired, despite having the very features or traits that some women may consider to be flaws in themselves.

Yes, your opinion of yourself matters, and there are certainly things that you can and should do to improve and maintain your health, beauty and well-being.  However, spending time worrying over flaws that may well be imagined is not a way to accomplish this.  Embrace your own beautiful uniqueness.



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