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CandleHow Aromatherapy Can Provide Allergy Relief
aromatherapy and allergy relief

How Aromatherapy Can Provide Allergy Relief

When our allergies get the best of us, we tend to go for the decongestants, antihistamines, and nasal sprays to relieve our symptoms. Sometimes it seems like we use them so much that they don’t even seem to work anymore. What if we turned to nature—yes, the thing that most commonly caused our allergies in the first place—to give us relief?

We aren’t saying to open up your front door and take a whiff of all the pollen in the air, but we are saying that nature-made products can be a great alternative to typical allergy medications. Aromatherapy and essential oils are given to us by nature, and we can use them to reduce our symptoms of allergies. They contain many chemicals that can be used for healing purposes, and they may even strengthen our immune systems so that we don’t catch those allergies in the first place.

Chamomile Oil for Itchy Eyes

Chamomile oil can provide amazing relief for allergy-infested eyes. A group of researchers from Korea found that chamomile oil applied topically can suppress inflammation, redness, and itchiness in the eyes. Just mix about 5 drops of the oil with 7 ounces of pure water in a spray bottle, spray cotton pads with it, and apply to the eyes 2-3 times daily. Chamomile oil is known to aromatherapists as being naturally sedating and having qualities of antihistamines.

Frankincense for Congestion

The July 2010 issue of Clinical Biochemistry published a study that found that frankincense helped to alleviate congestion; the combination of the extracts of licorice root, turmeric root, and frankincense can help to manage bronchial asthma. This mixture was used by the ancient Egyptians when the respiratory system was irritated in any way, and they found that it could bring relief. A few drops of this oil applied under the nose can bring natural healing when inhaled.

Thyme Oil to Boost Immune System

Studies have shown that thyme oil can significantly thin mucus and improve respiratory health. It can increase the production of white blood cells and acts as an anti-inflammatory, which strengthen the body’s resistance to allergens and other harmful invaders. This oil gives off strong herbal scents when put into a diffuser, and when inhaled can be beneficial to the body.

While the use of aromatherapy and essential oils can be used for relaxation, they can also be very valuable for helping to heal health issues.



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