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The Healing Powers of Wellness Bracelets

There is a lot to be said for the health benefits of natural earth elements.  Many individuals have found that simply holding certain earth stones can work to calm and center their thoughts and mind, which is a clear indication of the wonderful healing powers of these stones.  Wellness bracelets are incredibly beneficial because they place healing stones in constant and direct contact with the skin, which allows the stone’s energy to flow clearly into the body without interruption.  Different stones can be used to help with different energy flows in the body, usually with great results.  For example, lava stone, being one of the oldest natural elements that quite literally comes from fires in the center of the earth, is viewed by many as a wonderfully healing and valuable earth stone.  This beautiful black stone, also known as basalt, can be found in great abundance in the ocean and makes a wonderful wellness bracelet.  But what can it do for the wearer?

Lava Stone and Essential Oils

As is the case with any other wellness bracelets, lava stone bracelets derive their energy and healing powers from their origin, deep within the earth.  Lava stones are known to have grounding qualities, which makes them perfect for calming difficult emotions.  They are also considered as stones of rebirth, allowing the wearer to shed unnecessary and unhelpful layers of emotional attachment.

For optimal healing energy and benefits, I always suggest placing a drop of essential oil onto the lava beads of your bracelet. If you are looking to promote relaxation in your life, place a small amount of lavender oil in your lava stone. To invite invigorating energy, choose a refreshing, vibrant oil like citrus or peppermint.

In addition to lava stones, there are many other natural earth stones that can provide the wearer with energizing, cleansing and calming benefits.  Some individuals find it highly beneficial to keep several different types of wellness bracelets at hand, so that they are able to pick and choose the bracelet that will best suit their needs on a specific day, or at a specific time.  The bracelets themselves are eye-catching, and don’t require that the individual halt his entire day in order to partake in a healing treatment of some sort.  This makes them a beautiful, and incredibly helpful, part of anyone’s wardrobe.



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