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5 Skin Care Tips When You’re on a Budget

Fall is approaching and a significant change in the weather is about to start. From hot and dry (or humid if you’re in Florida like us) will become cool and dryer, so now is the perfect occasion for you to pamper your skin and show it some extra love to prepare for the new season! While you may be on a tight budget, there are always simple, effective ways to improve the health of your skin without using expensive products. Here are some tips to get your skin in tip-top shape for fall without breaking the bank:

1. Get Your Feet Ready for Boots, Boots, & More Boots  

While trotting around in our favorite boots is always a highlight during winter, our feet may not quite be ready to be concealed for the coming months, and especially during. Get your feet looking soft and fresh with a warm, relaxing soak. Fill a foot basin or large bowl with six cups of hot water and two cups of milk (milk contains natural enzymes to break down coarse skin) and soak your feet for about 5-10 minutes. Use a pumice stone to remove dry, rough areas. Make sure to give extra attention to your heels!

2.  Don’t Neglect Hair Removal Just Because of Sweater Weather

Chances are you may normally neglect regular shaving during fall and winter; while men may get complimented for their rugged winter beards, ladies don’t exactly get praised for letting their leg hair grow. Whether you’re saying goodbye to unwanted back hair or are preparing for a tropical holiday vacation, waxing is the perfect way to ensure your skin is looking soft and smooth and kept in optimal health sans hair. If you’re new to Botanica, ask about the new client specials on our waxing services that can help you save some cash (not to mention our great monthly Brazilian wax membership)!

3. Keep An Eye On Oiliness Indicating Dry Skin Problems

Just like our skin changes as it ages, it also changes with each season and tends to produce more oils during winter to help with the lack of moisture in the air. Because of the harsh weather outside, keep to oil-free mattifying moisturizers with plenty of hydrating ingredients to ensure that your skin looks dewy and your pores aren’t getting clogged with additional oils. Always apply a thicker night cream before bed to help your skin revive and heal while you sleep!

4.  TLC for Your Lips

Even though we don’t experience harsh winter weather here in Florida, our lips can still get dry and chapped from the elements. Gently exfoliate your lips with lip scrubs (or even a toothbrush!) and apply a protective lip balm that comes packed with hydration.

5.  Work On Your Skin’s Health from the Inside Out

To make sure that your skin care products are as effective as possible, give them a boost by taking vitamins or revamping your diet with nutrient-rich foods. You want to focus on eating foods that are packed with omega oils and antioxidants such as salmon, chia seeds, grapes, and blueberries.

I will always, always, always recommend a regular facial to keep your skin in a fabulous, ideal state and to avoid any potentially damaging issues that will take even longer to reverse. Hydrating facials are perfect for fall and winter, with follow up peels once the harsh climate begins to melt into spring. And if you ever need advice on the best seasonal skin care regimen for you, Botancia’s skin care experts are here to help! Call us at 727-441-1711 for all the right skin care tricks, tips, and services!



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