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Nail Care Tips for the Winter Months

The harshness of winter can take a toll on our health and on our bodies. Just because we don’t get the freezing temperatures and piles of snow here in Florida, doesn’t mean that we don’t have to deal with dry, winter air or rough, chilly wind that can dry out your skin and your nails. Because wintertime can bring the germs that lead to colds and other illnesses, we seem to constantly be washing our hands to help stay healthy and germ-free.  This repetitive washing, especially if you’re using harsh soap, will also dry out the natural oils that hold together the different layers of your nails. Here are some helpful tips to keep your nails long and strong this winter.

Nail Care Practices: What to Avoid

Though you may like the look of a clean cut cuticle, it’s healthier for your nails to simply push them back. The function of your cuticle is to act like a seal between your nail and skin and helps to maintain your natural skin barrier. Cutting them compromises the seal, which increases the risk for infection. Also, make sure you ditch nail hardening products and polish removers that contain alcohol, formaldehyde, or other hard chemicals; while these chemicals may initially harden your nails, they will dry out the natural nail oils and change the protein in your nails, causing your nails to split or become brittle.

Nail Healing Secrets

Like your skin, your nails need to be moisturized in order to be healthy and strong. Apply lotions, oils, or ointments to nails to help preserve the cuticle seal and strengthen the nail. Look for products with ingredients like jojoba oil, avocado oil, or shea butter for optimal nourishment.  

Winter Nail Regime

Remember, your nails are actually part of the integumentary system, aka your skin. Nails develop from the exact same cells that form the outer layer of your skin. Though the cells in your nails are harder, they share many common structural features of the skin. Treat dry nails in the same way you’d treat your skin: avoid harsh chemicals and routinely moisturize. Have any nail concerns? Stop by Botanica and one of our expert nail technicians can get you on the road to beautiful nails any time of year!



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