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A Simple Trick to Overcome a Post-Break Up Slump in Life

There’s something undeniably refreshing about the start of a new year—and even more so one that kicks off a new decade. It feels like a built-in reset button—a brief moment of pause—to reflect and reassess how to make life a little sweeter. But whether it’s January 1st, May 13th, or any odd- or even-numbered day in between, there’s no wrong moment to focus on your happiness, and this 15-second do-anywhere trick is proven to do exactly that. 

The Trick to Happiness After a Break Up

We’ve all been there and there’s no way to sugarcoat it; break ups suck. Although sometimes a unique opportunity is presented to us following splitting from some you loved. During this emotionally painful time in your life, a happiness practice that is actually really simple can make all the difference. You ready?

Stop what you’re doing, flip to the back of your notebook, and write down these three things:

  1. What made you smile today?
  2. What are you excited for this week?
  3. What’s something you want to accomplish over the next few days?

This can be welcomed with equal parts appreciative and annoyance because of the classic “no one can possibly understand” post-breakup mentality, and that’s okay. Just try it anyway!

It’s called the Happy Notes Book.

It’s something unbelievably small and yet it can pull people out of those funks and sadness in an unusual way. In the days, weeks, and months that follow a break, use this 15-second daily “happy notes” practice to reset your mind when it threatens to spiral into heart-breaking panic and angst.

Despite pushing through a less happy time in your life, you’ll discover that you’re not oblivious to the fact that there are plenty of happy moments happening (and many to look forward to). However, something about writing these memories down can boost your mood in a way that simply thinking about them didn’t!

It’s important to remember that you don’t achieve happiness one day and lock in that pleasant, smiley euphoria for the rest of your life. It takes new motivation and actions every day, in the same way that physical fitness requires regular weekly exercise, mental “fitness” requires the same regular attention. 

And lucky for us, it doesn’t have to involve more than 15-seconds a day.

The concept for the Happy Notes Book is simple: find a smile in every day and write that baby down. Sometimes it’s the smallest, simplest things—a spontaneous encounter at the grocery store, an awesome cup of coffee to kick start your day, belting out your favorite shower ballad. It’s these everyday moments in life that aren’t measured by a “like” button that makes life beautiful.

If there is one thing you choose to do today, tomorrow, this month, this year, or this decade, I hope it is to take 15 seconds a day to remember a smile or share one with someone. Fun fact: sharing a moment of joy with someone, albeit across a table, or via text, phone, email, or snail mail, has an exponential impact on your well-being. (It’s proven: an 80-year-ongoing study on happiness from researchers at Harvard found that the number-one thing that contributes to happiness and well-being is healthy relationships.) It’s also the reason why you’ll find a blank card and stamped envelope tucked inside every Happy Notes Book to inspire you to cultivate relationships and share happiness. 

And as an added fact, taking care of yourself also means pampering yourself with healthy, glowing skin to further motivate you! Botanica Spa is here for all of your wellness and body health – from facials to body treatments and hair removal to feeling and looking fabulous!

Here’s to making this the happiest decade yet!



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