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Massage6 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Next Massage
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6 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Next Massage

October is here and that means the busy holiday season is right around the corner.  Right now, we are so busy chauffeuring the kids around to school activities and taking care of our other obligations that we feel like we might start drowning if we even think about tackling another responsibility.  Good thing we still have a few more weeks until the real holiday season begins, making it the perfect time to schedule some much-needed TLC to get you primed and in tip-top shape to tackle your next commitment, no matter what it may be.  A relaxing massage can help you relieve pent-up tension and renew your mind, body, and soul.  Here are some tips to getting the most out of your next massage.

Drink Water Before AND After

Most people know that they should drink plenty of water before their massage appointment, but you may not know that drinking it after the massage is just as important.  Massages push lactic acid out of your muscles and into your bloodstream, where it then circulates throughout your body.  Without water, your blood flow could become sluggish and not process the toxins efficiently. 

Shut Off Your Mind

This may be one of the hardest things for people to do during a massage.  Try using rhythmic breathing; when you inhale, gather all of your negative thoughts and tensions and expel them from your body upon your exhale.  Five breathing cycles is recommended.

Relax Your Body 

Don’t try helping your massage therapist by maneuvering your body.  This only creates additional tension in the muscles.  If needed, the therapist will provide you with directions to ensure proper technique is used.

Don’t Forget to Breathe

Sometimes we tend to hold our breath when we experience pain, but make sure you keep breathing as the therapist works through a difficult muscular knot.  If you hold your breath, the muscle will continue to hold its tension.

Talk Less

It can be difficult to listen to what your body is telling you during a massage if you are focused on holding a conversation with your therapist.  Animated conversation tenses the body; however, don’t hesitate to tell your therapist if she need to adjust the pressure or if there is a specific area you would like her to work on.

Recover Slowly

Following the massage, don’t rush to get off the table, gather your things, and head home. Take a minute to revel in your newly relaxed state.  Slowly roll onto your dominant side and gently push yourself up to a seated position with one arm.  Sit there for a few minutes before you begin getting ready to leave.

So remember, the less work, both mentally and physically that you do during a massage, the more relaxing and effective the massage will be!



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