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Hair RemovalBikini Season is Here: 5 Reasons to Book a Brazilian Wax Appointment
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Bikini Season is Here: 5 Reasons to Book a Brazilian Wax Appointment

With warmer weather growing on the horizon, it’s just about time to pull out your summer wardrobe. Shorts, bikinis, and summer dresses equal revealing some skin that has been hidden away all winter. Normally for most of us, it’s also time to figure out what to do about stubborn hair and that fickle bikini line. No one wants stubble or peeping hairs while at the beach! Therefore, a Brazilian wax is just the right thing for you to avoid unwanted hair and a smooth, sexy feel by the pool, out on the sand, or anywhere you end up in your bathing suit.

Waxing Benefits

Many people tend to follow commercials promoting bikini trimmers, shaving razors with a plethora of blades to keep everything smooth, and hair removal creams. However, none of these can keep pubic hair at bay for longer than a day or two before having to repeat. It can be tedious, frustrating, and razor burn is a real pain – literally – to deal with, plus having to worry about ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Here are five reasons why waxing and particularly, choosing a Brazilian wax is the way to go this summer:

  1. Longer lasting. A wax can last several weeks to even a month or more without a spot of hair growth compared to shaving or hair removal creams. Waxing takes out the whole hair follicle down to the root, causing the hair to take longer to completely regrow itself.
  2. Fast and easy. At a spa, a professional can easily and swiftly remove hair in as little as five minutes. Creams have to stay on for twenty plus minutes, smell bad and don’t give you even results. Shaving has to be done on a nearly daily basis for most. At home waxing kits should not be used by the faint of heart or newbies trying out a wax.
  3. No razor burn. Sensitive skin is punished by constant shaving and creates red, irritated bumps that can be sore to the touch and take days or weeks to heal. It’s definitely not a pleasant sight or feeling to be out in your bikini with a bunch of red bumps on display.
  4. Fewer ingrown hairs. While some waxing (depending on the skin or body hair type, as well as unprofessional waxing) can produce ingrown hairs, they are far less common. A professional Brazilian wax done right results in a smooth, hair-free surface. Shaving pubic hair does normally cause more ingrown hairs as the razor only removes the surface hair, not the root.
  5. Hassle-free. No wasted time shaving, trimming, or dealing with chemicals to achieve a clean, hair-free bikini area! You save time, energy, and far less frustration with a Brazilian wax than constantly shaving, which equals more time having fun in the sun!

Waxing is the better choice for removing pubic hair and has a healthier result for your pores. Avoiding razor burn, ingrown hairs, and keeping a more hygienic surface down there will make your body happier and subsequently, yourself too.

Botanica Day Spa Brazilian Wax

At Botanica, we offer a variety of waxing services. Our Brazilian wax is our most popular choice and rightfully so – our estheticians make it a quick, fun, and as painless as possible experience! On top of this technique and years of experience, at Botanica spa we also never double dip the same stick into the wax for a completely hygienic service. A new stick is used for each dip into the wax, which not many spas do!

We now offer a Brazilian wax membership too! Sign up for a monthly Brazilian wax appointment for only $40.00. This is a steal of a deal and will make it that much easier for you to stay bikini-ready for the whole season! Call us today to book your Brazilian wax appointment or to sign up for the membership. We look forward to helping you reach those ideal summer goals!



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