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Hair RemovalEnjoy a Worry-free Lifestyle with a Monthly Brazilian Wax Membership
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Enjoy a Worry-free Lifestyle with a Monthly Brazilian Wax Membership

Even as summer draws to a close and bikini season will soon only involve traveling to all-year tropical locations, there’s nothing and no one saying that smooth, hair-free skin has to only be for the hot season! We all like looking, but most importantly, feeling our best and less maintenance for our appearance is always the choice in our books!

Why a Brazilian Wax

There are plenty of methods for achieving buttery soft skin, like hair removal creams, shaving, laser hair removal, and waxing to name a few. However, to take a look at the time and cost factors that matter most, you have to see the broader picture of beauty and its many tools, techniques, and applications.

If you break down each well-known hair removal product, it’s quite easy to see the appeal and results that a Brazilian wax can have over all of them. Here is a detailed view:

  • Shaving. The most commonly used technique, though ingrowns, razor burn, and length of time between each shave are minimal. This is a quick fix for a day or two of no-hair as it only removes the surface level hair, not down to the follicle.
  • Hair Removal Cream, i.e. Nair. These products became very popular in the 90s as an alternative to shaving and reduced the sensitivity to razor burn for people. Although, the chemical smell is definitely a sway factor and sensitive skin types for the harsh ingredients used to remove the hair was still an issue and caused agitation.
  • Laser Hair Removal. A costly and lengthy process of using a special laser light tool to essentially burn the hair follicle to the cell to stop the natural process of hair growth. It can take minimally 6 weeks of treatments to see results and depending on hair thickness, treatments can go for 3 months or more at around six hundred plus dollars a visit.
  • Brazilian Wax. With heated wax and wax strips, hair is effectively pulled from the follicle for unbeatable smoothness and long-lasting no hair moments that can last weeks! The hair takes longer to grow back, therefore there’s no need to shave for days or even weeks at a time! No razor burn, workable for sensitive skin types, and the least amount of maintenance out of any of these options!

When you think about the time you’ll save not having to shave or spend time on scheduling treatments or waiting around for smelly creams to set, waxing is such a simple choice. While laser hair removal can lead to zero hair growth, it’s not 100% and is certainly more costly and time-consuming to start it and wait for the final results.

A Brazilian wax is relatively quick process and the best part is that you get to lay there while someone else does all the work! At home waxing kits are available, however, more people have backed out mid-way or start to feel more pain and discomfort from pulling the wax strips to remove them. To avoid any of these unnecessary issues, booking a Brazilian wax with a professional aesthetician to get the job done!

Brazilian Wax at Botanica Day Spa

For the finest Brazilian wax in Clearwater, FL (with the best sandy white beaches year round!), there’s nowhere like Botanica Day Spa for your waxing needs. We offer the most sanitary Brazilian wax in the area, with a fresh stick used to dip into the wax each time, rather than using the same one repeatedly. Our aestheticians have been delivering a Brazilian wax for over a decade and offer a professional, streamlined service with the utmost care for every client.

Botanica now has a monthly Brazilian wax membership for an even easier and quick appointment that allows one wax per month, which is usually the timeframe required for the next one! Check out our Hair Removal page for more info and call us today at 727-441-1711 to book your waxing appointment for worry-free fun and more time to enjoy life!



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