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Valentine Brazilian Wax

Brazilian Wax: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is approaching. Whether you’ll be spending the day with a special someone or just celebrating and embracing your singledom, now is the perfect time to pamper and indulge in some extra TLC to ensure you are looking and feeling your best. At Botanica, we’ve found that Brazilian Waxes are the in-demand service this time of year. If you’ve been a little hesitant to get one, or have had a bad experience at another spa, here are some ways to prepare yourself for a Brazilian Wax this Valentine’s Day.

Let it Grow  

You may feel tempted to do a little trimming beforehand, but please don’t! You will have better results if the hair is at least 1/4 inch long. This allows the wax to grip the hair, releasing it from the root rather than just removing the hair above the skin.

Bikini Prep

If you’re afraid that it might be painful, like many women are, there are some ways to prep your bikini area prior to the waxing to help reduce any pain you might experience. It’s important that you continue to hydrate your skin before your waxing appointment by applying moisturizer on a daily basis. We also encourage you to drink plenty of water, not just the day of your wax, but every day; this will not only help decrease any unpleasantness caused by the waxing, but it’s also highly beneficial to your overall health.

What if it’s Period Time?

Even though we all would love to be able to control our time of the month, if your period happens to occur over Valentine’s Day, don’t sweat it; you can still get a Brazilian! Please be aware that your body is a little more sensitive during this time. If you are concerned about the pain, I would suggest avoiding getting waxed during that time.

Sex or No Sex?

Because waxing can cause slight irritation and you may feel a little raw down there, I recommend that you wait at least 1-2 days to have sex after you’ve been waxed. Please do not schedule your appointment the day of your Valentine’s date if you are planning to get intimate. This will allow both you and your partner to feel your best!

Valentine’s Day is a magical time of year for couples everywhere. Surprise your loved one with the perfect gift this year: a Brazilian Wax!



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