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Enjoy a Family Spa Day Before the Kids Return to School

Nothing says excitement for the kids about to go back to school like a spa day! The pros of spending a day at the spa with your little munchkins could not be more in your favor. Wellness, happiness, and balance in your life can be hard to reach on a day to day basis. A trip to the spa can say more than words when you need some R&R from the laundry, dishes, sibling fights and toys everywhere.

Family Spa Breaks

Being able to leave the house and take a breather definitely does more good than harm. Bringing the kids to the spa with you is an optimum win-win situation. Being able to relax and finally fix your nails and get rid of that old chipped polish is all a working parent needs sometimes. Let the spa staff help you gain some peace and quiet with a private massage while the kiddos get their nails done or wait in the fun atmosphere of the spa. Or enjoy the perks of a mother-daughter mani-pedi!

Sometimes it can be so nice to enjoy a little pampering with your mini-me! You can teach your kids at a young age how to take care of their body and look and feel pretty at the same time! When holiday break comes, there’s so much going on that you can forget to stop and enjoy the season with your children. A spa day is exactly what will bring in some beautiful bonding time, while also getting to relax and unwind.

These are just a few of the signs and subsequent benefits of splurging on a spa day with the kiddos:

·        Stress – having the kids home all day can cause a lot more stress than normal with having to entertain and handle the usual upsets or injuries that come about. A spa day will reduce that stress level in a soothing environment and allow yourself to be pampered while the kids are also treated to something nice and new.

·        Kids fighting and you having to yell – getting out of the house and distracting the kids will create a semblance of calm for them and for yourself.

·        Tension headaches – the holidays tend to create an undo amount of tension in your neck and shoulders, which can trigger headaches. A massage during the spa day will help relieve and free your muscles from that tightness.

·        Immune boosters – the holiday season always tends to bring about colds & germs everywhere. A spa day isn’t just about pampering and relaxation, the many services offered can also boost your immune system by strengthening your body with aromatherapy, detoxifying & the many benefits of mud treatments.

Botanica Offers Spa Packages

Botanica Day Spa is not just your run of the mill spa. I have my own children and wild life, but I know the importance of caring for the body and not neglecting yourself when you are the caretaker of everyone else in your family. Botanica offers spa packages that will have a little bit of everything you would like or need during a spa day. It’s easier on the wallet, while also giving you the enjoyment of a delightful time being pampered with the kids.

Time with your children is priceless and creating precious memories of a spa day will be something for the scrapbook indeed (as well as Facebook and Instagram, of course)! My team is ready and prepped to welcome you and your children for a day of fun and happy memories. Visit our page on spa packages to see what bests suits your family spa day and book with us now before school starts back up again!



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