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Hair RemovalBrazilian Wax: Why This Should Be Chosen Over Shaving

Brazilian Wax: Why This Should Be Chosen Over Shaving

Sunshine and beach days are well underway now and there’s nothing worse than having to shave stubbly hair before putting on your bathing suit. While shaving your legs every day can typically be done without razor burn, shaving your bikini line is another story entirely. The benefits of a Brazilian wax far outweigh the hassle and pain of using a razor to your pubic hair.

Brazilian Wax Benefits

You may have heard horror stories of people telling you about their experience with getting a wax. It may seem daunting and painful, but a temporary discomfort over daily razor burn is a much better deal overall. Shaving is time-consuming and only lasts a day or so, for some even just hours! Why waste so much time and effort (and razor nicks) when the simple solution is to receive a monthly wax instead.

Yes, waxing can be wince-inducing and not a fun party when it comes to removing pubic hair from one of the most sensitive areas of your body. However, the smooth results of a Brazilian wax are outstanding and best of all – longer lasting! Here are just a few amazing points to bearing a few minutes of pain for a wax rather than shaving all the time:

  • Stubble-free – waxing lasts anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 weeks, depending on the natural growth of your body’s hair. So that silky soft feeling right as you rinse off your legs from shaving is what you will experience for weeks on end for your pelvic area and bikini line. Yes, your hair grows back as stubble, but not nearly anywhere as fast as shaving.
  • Cleaner, healthier skin – a Brazilian wax is a very hygienic choice for your female parts. NO hair means that sweating and daily oils aren’t clogging into your pubic hair and smothering your pores from breathing, meaning fewer bacteria will grow. A Brazilian wax also exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells.
  • Less Hair Regrowth – yes, you heard that correctly! Monthly, routine waxes can actually reduce the amount of hair that grows back. Some people have even had almost all their pubic hair not grow back from regular waxing! Yes, please!
  • Fewer ingrown hairs – waxing removes the hair follicle right down to the root, rather than just the outer hair on the surface of the skin like shaving does. This makes the regrowth of the follicle take longer and since the pore is now completely open, you have less of a chance of the hair growing inward (especially when you take the extra step and apply a post-wax gel to help keep ingrowns from appearing).
  • No redness or razor burn bumps – while the first day of waxing will certainly inflame the skin and turn it a nice deep pink shade, that is only temporary and can last as little as an hour or two. Shaving constantly creates painful, stinging, and prominent red bumps surrounding your bikini line that makes it embarrassing to wear your bikini out. Waxing voids all of that and results in a smooth, calm and bump-free surface!

When you choose a proper, professional salon or spa for your wax, you will find that the experience and skill of the aesthetician can reduce the pain of waxing. At home, waxing can be dangerous and you may chicken out halfway through, which is not the right choice. Make sure you choose a professional aesthetician to do your Brazilian wax for full coverage, pro strip removal, and better comfort for you.

Botanica’s Brazilian Wax Membership

At Botanica Day Spa, we have talented aesthetician’s who have been working with wax for years to ensure the best results and the least painful experience for you. Our Brazilian wax is also done in a very hygienic way unlike other places like nail salons. We use a new stick every time to dip into the wax, instead of double-dipping the same stick. This is a huge benefit for you and keeps the utmost cleanliness to your body parts.

On top of that, we now offer a Brazilian Wax Membership! For only forty dollars a month, you receive one credit for a Brazilian wax. Now not only is a wax longer lasting and healthier for your delicate skin, it’s now cost-efficient too! Call us today at 727-411-1711 to book your Brazilian wax appointment or set it online and say hello to bikini confidence this summer!



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