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Spa treatments for men

Spa Treatments For Men–Because Real Men Go to Spas

I am often asked if I get any men that come to my spa. The answer is, of course, yes! It’s time for a little bit of spa history…

Spa culture has evolved throughout the centuries. It dates back to the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Minoans, Greeks, and Romans. Back in those days spas were indulged by not only women, but men too.

Homer, a Greek Classical writer, mentioned in his works that the social baths that most civilians indulged in, included men. These social baths date back as early as 500 B.C. The Roman Emperor Agrippa was known for creating and modifying one of the first Roman spas during 25 B.C. Agrippa started this trend, and each emperor after him tried to build a more and more extravagant spa.

Eventually spas reached the caliber of having within them entertainment complexes (offering sports!), restaurants, and various types of baths. When one would attend one of these baths, they would be brought into three different rooms of different temperatures and would be anointed with oils, massaged, exfoliated. These Roman baths were just a part of everyday life for the men and women in Ancient Rome.

Only during the mid-20th century did spas start begin taking on the stereotype of being a woman’s domain. There was a misconception of “real men don’t go to spas.” However, even during the 1850s, some men knew the value and worth of spas. Important men such as Edgar Allen Poe and Franklin Delano Roosevelt attended spas – New York’s Saratoga Springs to be specific. Today, spas are known to be valuable and relevant in society because they can help a person improve their fitness, healthy lifestyles, spirituality, and can provide relaxation. And these benefits are certainly not restricted to gender.

Confessions of a Male Spa Virgin

If you need more reinforcement and feel like having a laugh, CNN’s recent article Confessions of a Male Spa Virgin gives the reader a man’s eye view of this seemingly female-dominated world. Author (and spa guinea pig) James Durston points out that men make up a third of all spa-goers, according to the International Spa Association. Additionally, that spas throughout the world now have menus dedicated to men. Specifically, at the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, men make up nearly half the spa’s customers.

Durston starts out his spa journey full of doubts, tension and anxiety about the whole thing. After a body scrub, a deep pressure massage and facial, he admits to feeling, “Pretty damn amazing, actually. Best of all I was still a real man. I just happened to have incredibly silky skin.” So you see, men have been going to spas for a long time.

The more popular spa treatments for men at Botanica range from massage therapy (whether for relaxation or for the fitness-inclined seeking muscle tension release), facials, pedicures, body treatments and more.

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P.S.: A spa treatment or gift certificate make great Father’s Day gift ideas. Few things beat the gift of wellness and relaxation.

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