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ManicureFall Nail Trends: Get Flirty With Color
fall nail trends

Fall Nail Trends: Get Flirty With Color

Fall is a wonderful season, bringing cooler temperatures and beautiful colors as it heralds the beginning of the holiday season. It is also a great time to enjoy making some wardrobe changes, bringing out warmer clothes to fit the season. We often spend hours changing and perfecting our wardrobe at the start of fall, trying to blend fashion with functionality perfectly. When you consider making these big wardrobe changes, you may find that you focus largely on your clothing and shoes–though you may also consider your hair. Maintaining well-manicured nails is also an important part of your wardrobe, and it helps to complete your look. Just as Spring brings many opportunities for fun, playful nail colors and designs, Fall brings many opportunities for sleek, warm colors, and designs.

Popular Nail Trends for Fall

The latest trend in nails for fall include deeper color tones with smokey finishes. Consider the following options:

  • Aubergine. Purple is a great fall nail color, especially if the chosen hue is intense and rich. Aubergine, for example, is the perfect shade–a deep, eggplant-like color that suits all skin tones and adds a touch of sophistication.
  • Dark blue-green. While a lighter blue hue is an appropriate nail color during warmer summer months, a darker blue-green hue is great during cooler fall months. This jewel tone is so deep that it looks beautiful against all skin tones.
  • Hunter green. This dark hue is perfectly complementary to the fall season, and fewer or greater coats can actually change its depth of color. It works well on any skin tone but looks especially outstanding against fair skin.
  • Smoky neutral. Neutral nail colors have long been a favorite during any season, as they allow for a clean, polished look that won’t clash with whatever you’re wearing. This fall, the neutral color can be spiced up a bit with a smoky undertone which is sure to suit any skin tone.
  • Hot orange. A rich orange polish with red undertones is often associated with summer nails, but it can also work wonderfully to brighten up your skin tone as you move into cooler fall weather. It works wonderfully on all skin tones, and can even be decorated with fun designs for Halloween.
  • Brick red. This rich hue is a great fall color, helping one to transition from the brighter colors of summer to the deeper colors of fall while still maintaining a very nice pop of color. This shade works especially well for medium to dark skin tones.
  • Lilac-gray. The soft hue of lilac polish is made smokier and richer with the addition of gray polish, which makes it well-suited for fall. It complements medium to dark skin tones very beautifully, though it can tend to wash out lighter skin tones.
  • Burnt orange. This earthy hue is a very warm nail polish color, and reminiscent of leaves as they change color in the fall. It works nicely on all skin tones.
  • Warm brown. A rich, deep color, warm brown nail polish approximates the color of a nice cup of hot chocolate and goes well with any skin tone.
  • Fiery red. With hints of tangerine, a fiery red nail polish is one of the bolder choices for fall. Appropriate for all skin tones, this color will definitely pop.

As much as you may love the different wardrobe choices you have for fall, it can be even more fun to enjoy different nail trends for fall–especially since you can change your nail colors and designs more frequently than you normally change your wardrobe. Whichever nail colors you choose, you are sure to enjoy the deeper, smokier look of this year’s trending hues.



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