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February Specials at Botanica Day Spa

February is a big month for several reasons. If you count the Super Bowl, then not only is it a romance-filled holiday month with Valentine’s Day, but it also houses a huge sporting event. With so many occasions occurring this month, it’s only right that there are equally exciting February specials going on at Botanica Day Spa to match!

Signs to Pay Attention To & Head To The Spa For

The beginning of the year can always be a hectic timeframe. With the kids heading back to school after the Christmas break, a new quarter for work, and a fresh wave of virus’ going around, like the flu, then your body really does take a toll. Professional surveys taken last year have shown that over 53% or two-thirds of the population of America are more stressed. With that in mind, these are just a few signs of that stress manifesting in physical problems:

·        Energy levels dropping – when you are stressed, sleep is a luxury and having a full night’s rest seems like an Olympic challenge.

·        Headaches – this is a sure-fire, universal sign of stress. Headaches from stress tension, worry stress, and any kind in between can create various headaches that tend to linger.

·        Aches, muscle pain, and tension. These three are a common denominator to stress as the body when you are working out or not, affect the elasticity and stretch of the muscles and become tighter.

·        Frequent illnesses. Stress leads to lack of sleep, which leads to lack of taking care of yourself and forgetting vitamins and healthy alternatives, which leads to a weakened immune system. People who are stressed often tend to be more prone to bacteria and end up sick.

Adding up these variables of stress, it’s no wonder that society struggles with their health and diets. But one thing that not many people consider as a handling for stress come February is a trip to the spa. Going to the spa is not just about pampering and spoiling yourself, it actually helps and aids in the relief of stress, tension, and boosting your immune system! A spa was originally created for healing and relaxation and that definitely hasn’t changed here!

Botanica Day Spa February Specials

Each month Botanica Day Spa releases new specials that are not on the normal service menu. For February, the massage special is a unique and energy-charged Elemental Massage. Inspired by the elements, it is an 85-minute customized massage with warm stones, hot towels, and aromatherapy. The latter alone is known in soothing the body and mind with natural essential oils and the different scents facilitating in assorted ways.

The Elemental massage for February has 5 elements you can choose from: water, wood, earth, fire, and metal. Head over to the Specials page to discover which elements offer what relief! There is even a bonus specials deal for February as well. If you’re looking for a little extra loving for yourself or a friend, you can receive the benefits of the Elemental Massage AND a Rose Quartz facial. It’s at a valued price that no one could pass up!

To give you a little information regarding rose quartz and its benefits, it is known as an emotional healer. Using rose quartz can reduce stress and tension while promoting a radiance boost to dull skin! This is a special kind of monthly special that you must try to believe for yourself! Botanica Day Spa loves finding new and unique methods to help you relax and revitalize your skin. We are always here to offer you the best spa trip imaginable! Call us or request your next appointment for our February specials online today!



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