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benefits of friendliness

Friendliness: How it Can Benefit Your Life in Unexpected Ways

Sometimes, life can get the best of us. Between demanding work deadlines, taking care of your family, and trying to find much-needed “me time”, it can almost feel like a chore to be friendly when it seems like everyone and everything is testing your limits. In a world that tells you that you can’t be nice to get ahead in life, why should you even consider being friendly to others? Well, as it turns out, being friendly can benefit your life in ways you may never have expected.

Making a Difference with Friendliness

Friendliness is not a sign of weakness or insecurity; it is a sign of inner strength and balance. When dealing with people who are impolite or angry, we tend to put up our guard in order to avoid the risk of appearing vulnerable to them. If everyone approached negative people like this by initiating a positive exchange, it could make all the difference. Honest friendliness can be a possible means to resolve an underlying issue that an apparently rude person could be dealing with.

Strengthen Your Willpower

It can be difficult to respect people who test our limits; however, we should never use their misbehavior as an excuse for treating them just as badly. Exhibit the strength and courage to maintain your calm balance when dealing with an unpleasant person. This can contribute a great deal towards easing the situation. If we don’t give in to the temptation of mistreating others, our willpower is strengthened.

Promotes Greater Happiness

When we’re friendly towards others, it makes us feel like we are making positive contributions to the world. It can even instantly boost your own happiness. Being kind is a rewarding experience that makes you feel good about yourself and can add significance and meaning to your own life.

The Circle of Friendliness

You should always aim to be friendly for sincere, unselfish reasons; true kindness can only be expressed when we let go of the need to get something from it in return. When you’re a genuinely friendly person, you’re more likely to be surrounded by people who are also kind and accommodating. Kindness attracts kindness, just like rudeness can often attract more rudeness.

Friendliness should not be reserved for friends and family alone. You should always treat each individual the way you would like to be treated in return. Go ahead and smile at that stranger; see how your life can improve!



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