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25 Things to Help Reduce Stress in Your Life

Are you always looking for ways to reduce stress in your life? August was National Wellness Month, and August 15th was National Relaxation Day. Botanica had a Relaxation Day Contest where so many of you entered and answered the questions we had associated with the contest! One of them was that we asked how you managed stressed daily and we definitely noticed that a lot of the answers were very similar and ranged in an array of beautiful, helpful solutions to managing stress! We wanted to share what the consensus of how to reduce stress on a daily basis so that you can see that others do the same things you do to relax (or now you’ll have a few extra tips to try)!

Below are 25 of the most used ways to reduce stress from our contest entries:

  1. Showers/Baths. This was one of the most popular answers! Taking a hot shower or soaking in a long bath with Epson salt or essential oils is a fabulous way to take a break from stress.

  2. Essential Oils/Diffusers. This is another calming way to unwind and with the versatility of essential oils being available in rollers, diffusers, and even in skin care, your options for feeling and smelling a known stress reliever is top on our list too!

  3. Exercising. An important part of staying healthy, but also a terrific option for releasing endorphins, letting out your frustrations on the treadmill, bike, or even kickboxing can greatly reduce your stress!

  4. Stretching. Taking a few minutes every day to stretch out your muscles and tension is truly a great way to reduce stress. You can also keep resistant bands, stress balls, and other small stretching tools in your desk drawer for a quick moment to relieve your cramped muscles.

  5. Spa Day. We were thrilled to hear that venturing to the spa to relax and destress was top on the list for some of you! This is ideally the best way to fully unwind and leave the spa completely calm, pampered, and stress-free with your body brimming with care!

  6. Me Time. We agree that this is very valuable for relieving stress and it can range from anything! Shopping, a day to yourself, getting a massage, not being interrupted at home, gardening, doing a hobby, etc. all are fantastic ways to have your own time away from the normal stressors of life.

  7. Going Outside for a Walk Daily. With fall here, it’s certainly a beautiful and picturesque time to go outside and enjoy the wonders of nature. A walk was on the top of how to reduce stress from our contest entries and we absolutely agree with it!

  8. Herbal Teas. A nice, hot cup of tea is known to reduce stress and help the body internally with minor health issues.

  9. Getting Enough Sleep. Another crucial part of your day! As hard as it can be, trying to get 8 hours of sleep is important for your body to heal, recover, and handle stress. (A helpful tip: buy a silk pillowcase and use a few drops of your favorite essential oil on it to help fall asleep faster and deeper!)

  10. Massage. Spa services are a sure-fire way to reduce stress and certainly, massages are up there! It’s known to relieve several systems of your body, reduce headaches, and loosen muscular tension, knots, and pain!

  11. Yoga. This is a great type of exercise for a less aggressive way to stay fit and healthy. Many forms of yoga are used to relieve stress and bring you peace!

  12. Reading. There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book! Escaping the stresses surrounding you by diving into a fantasy world on paper (or e-books) is an old-school classic.

  13. Cat Naps. Following the need for proper rest, naps can promote better function and a less stressed mind!

  14. 10-15 Minutes of Quiet Time. We loved hearing how many of you take time each day to enjoy some peace and quiet. Carving out a short time where there’s no noise, no interruptions, and sit in the quiet would definitely help relieve stress!

  15. Meditation. Tagging onto yoga and quiet time, meditation is a lovely choice of unwinding and being centered with all that you’re juggling in life!

  16. Candles. We fawned over this option of lighting candles and sitting to enjoy the aroma and tranquility it brought some of you!

  17. Reading Positive Quotes. We love anything that encourages and inspires others, and this is a fabulous option to stay motivated and persevere through all the stress that can get in the way!

  18. Sauna. Very common in Europe, salons with saunas or at-home installations of the “sweatbox” release toxins and invigorates the body from stresses that can put your body and mind in a lackluster state.

  19. Facials. Most of you mentioned applying a facial at home or heading out for a facial as your way of reducing stress and we couldn’t agree more! Your skin can be your biggest indication of stress and actually age you faster, so taking care of it not only can help keep you looking young, it also is a relaxing spa service that makes you feel so much better!

  20. Listening to Music. Playing your favorite songs, belting out a power ballad (i.e.. Love Actually’s iconic dance scene or blasting Queen B’s anthems) or a relaxing playlist sounds like a great way to unwind after a stressful day!

  21. A Glass of Wine. Red wine is rich in antioxidants and is even said to have a glass a day can be beneficial to your health—cheers!

  22. Mani-Pedi. This is a timeless way to unwind and pamper yourself!

  23. Following a Skin Care Routine/Taking Care of Your Skin. We were overjoyed to hear that taking care of your skin and keeping up your skin care routine was how several of you manage stress! Again, your skin takes quite a toll from stress so don’t forget about it when you’re trying to destress!

  24. Journaling. Writing down your day and expressing your feelings through the written word is an age-old trick to remembering moments of your life and also venting out your stresses in an elegant and timeless fashion! Writers have been journaling for centuries!

  25. Praying. This is a beautiful way to have a moment of quiet reflection and say a prayer to help you along the way with your ventures, goals, and dreams!

Thank you to all of you that entered the contest and shared your ways of reducing stress so that it may help others who are struggling to find the right way to do so! We look forward to future contests here at Botanica Day Spa so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date!



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