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Body TreatmentsWhat is Massage Cupping?
What is Massage Cupping?

What is Massage Cupping?

At Botanica we always look for cutting edge, innovative and effective new products and techniques to offer to our clients. In recent months we launched our first-ever stem cell facial and added massage cupping to our spa menu.

Just What is Massage Cupping, You Ask?

Cupping massage therapy at Botanica is a modern twist on an ancient Chinese medicine technique. We use small glass or silicone cups to create a suctioning of tissue that is lifted up into the cup at a comfortable but firm pressure. The cups are moved in a gliding motion across the skin to engage the area being treated.

Where traditional massage generally focuses on downward pressure technique, massage cupping brings an upward pulling motion, aiming to pull toxins away from the skin while improving circulation. This different approach opens new doors to what the massage therapist can achieve with you in a 55-minute session.

How Does Cupping Massage Work? What Does it Do?What is Massage Cupping?

The most important preliminary step to a cupping massage appointment is for the specialist to chat with you a little about any affected areas, sore spots, chronic irritations, ailments or stiffness that you may have. We do this to give you the opportunity to communicate what you would like to target with massage cupping to the licensed massage therapist. The cupping treatment can be done on the back, neck, legs, stomach, shoulders or even the face – it’s truly up to you, and the amount of pressure which is applied is adjustable, making the massage a fully customizable experience.

The manipulation of the skin as well as the upward pressure and suction of the cups can together achieve a wide variety of results on deep muscle issues, inflammation and scarring. Some clients have reported back that the appearance of their cellulite was reduced and their range of motion improved.

By now, I’ll bet you’re curious! We look forward to the opportunity of providing you a healing and relaxing experience.


Gen Obolensky

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