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How Feeling Pretty Can Enhance Your Mood

Recently, a young high school student in Chicago conducted an experiment; she had people pose in front of a camera and then told them that she was taking pictures of things that she finds beautiful. Almost immediately, a big grin appeared on each person’s face, though many people laughed awkwardly too! Being told that you look pretty or beautiful on days when you aren’t feeling your best can instantly elevate your mood. When you’re feeling self-conscious, you can act differently than you usually do, which can negatively affect your disposition.

The Benefits of Feeling Pretty

When you can find beauty in yourself, you are more likely to have higher self-esteem and self-worth. It shouldn’t be shocking to learn that feeling pretty can enhance your mood, boost your confidence, and even increase your energy level. Some days it can be a struggle to feel pretty. Maybe you had a poor night’s rest and woke up to a large zit on your face that surprised you with an unexpected visit. Simply doing small things each day that make you feel pretty can dramatically improve your quality of life.

Ways to Feel Pretty

Everyone’s idea of beauty differs, but it’s important to find the things that make you feel your best. A fresh manicure is an excellent way to make you feel pretty, especially if you’re working at a computer all day. Seeing shiny, polished fingernails on your keyboard is sure to help brighten your mood. If you’ve been stressed lately, taking the time to get a nice relaxing facial can help ease tension and improve the condition of your skin. Stress can wreak havoc on your skin, resulting in breakouts and even premature aging. Renewing and revitalizing your skin will help you radiate beauty and confidence.

Amp Up Your Style 

It’s amazing what a new outfit can do to boost your self-esteem; maybe that’s why so many of us claim to be shopping addicts! Taking the time to invest in clothing that you really love and that makes you feel your best is the perfect way to lead a happy, healthy life. If you know you might have a difficult day, wearing an outfit you know flatters your figure can mentally and emotionally power you through that day.

Like they say, “happy girls are the prettiest girls”, so go out and do things that make you happy too. A smile is one of the best accessories you can wear!



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