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Acne TreatmentTips for Fighting the Effects of Stress on Your Face
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Tips for Fighting the Effects of Stress on Your Face

Stress. We all have to deal with it and work through it the best that we can. Whether it’s a high-stress job, or the sometimes overwhelming responsibilities we have raising and supporting a family, stress can take a toll on our mental and physical health.  Everyone knows stress is bad for you, but did you know that it can also cause your face to age faster? Factors like normal aging and the environment are already wreaking havoc on your skin; don’t let stress join in! Here are some easy ways to help combat the effects of stress and fatigue on your face.

Lighten Up Tired Eyes

During our most stressful times, we often find ourselves facing many sleepless nights, which robs us of the restorative sleep that is essential for our overall health. Poor sleep can cause dark, under-eye circles. You may turn to your trusty black eyeliner to help you look more awake, but opt for a beige liner instead to help counter any eye redness and brighten your peepers. Don’t worry, you can still use your favorite black eyeliner on your top lashes!

Proper Hydration

When we’re stressed and dealing with a lack of sleep, we can make poor nutrition choices. To help make it through another busy day, we rely on our favorite caffeinated drinks. Those vente lattes or cans of soda can be dehydrating to our skin, making it appear dry and flaky. Skip the caffeine and gulp down water instead. Craving something more than water? Try green tea for a healthy boost of antioxidants.

Stress-induced Acne

Stress causes our bodies to release cortisol, which throws off other hormones in your body, leading to breakouts on our faces or bodies. Stress also can disrupt the balance of good and bad bacteria in our guts, which can also lead to acne problems. Calm your anxiety using deep breathing techniques or engaging in mediation exercises for 10 minutes a day. To cover zits in a pinch, try using an illuminating concealer that comes in a tube. This will allow only fresh product to touch the affected area.

Prevent and Correct

Of course, the best way to combat the harshest effects of a busy lifestyle is to use a good anti-aging night cream. Find a cream that has both anti-aging benefits as well as anti-fatigue properties. Remember, it’s easier to correct the signs of premature aging and fatigue than it is to cover them up every day!




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