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How Pevonia Fights Against Product Diversion

Beauty products that promise and deliver amazing results are always in high demand among consumers. However, as consumers become even more careful about what they put on and in their body, natural, high-quality beauty products have long been, and will forever be, in very high demand among consumers who recognize the inherent value provided by these products. This is why companies that develop and manufacture natural, high-quality beauty products, like Pevonia, work hard to achieve and maintain product integrity–they seek to provide only the very best to consumers who trust in them. So what happens when others try to take advantage of their hard-won reputation?

Understanding Product Diversion

Product diversion occurs when unauthorized distributors, retailers or other individuals offer certain products to consumers. This may not seem like a major, concerning issue at first blush–after all, it’s just someone aside from the original manufacturer and their authorized distributors who have gotten their hands on some products and are now selling them. Actually, though, it is a very serious cause for concern. These unauthorized distributors have obtained the products outside of the normal, standard channels which ensure quality, efficacy assurance and strict standards set by the manufacturer and vigorously upheld by authorized distributors. The ramifications of this, of course, are quite extensive and potentially quite dangerous.

When products are diverted, they may have been unsealed, emptied, refilled with a different product, and then resealed and sold as the original product. Diverted products may also be counterfeit formulas appearing in convincing duplicated packaging, or products that are contaminated or expired. When the unsuspecting consumer using these products on their skin and their face, they may experience serious allergies, rashes, breakouts and other skin reactions and conditions that would not occur with the same company’s quality products.

Fighting Product Diversion

If a valued Pevonia customer ends up using diverted Pevonia products with undesirable results, this can obviously affect their relationship with Pevonia and drive them to believe that these products are sub-par and undesirable. This also affects Pevonia’s global distributor network and spa partners, who believe in and trust this brand to deliver exceptional quality and desirable results. Naturally, Pevonia cannot assume any sort of product guarantee or responsibility for diverted products and encourages all consumers to buy their products only directly through their website or through their authorized distributor network and spa partners. But they go even further in fighting against product diversion.

In order to fight product diversion, Pevonia has a Global Anti-Diversion Network that includes a corporate diversion team and a diversion program. As part of the diversion program, Pevonia has a fully serialized integrated product tracking system that allows them to track products to their source and identify diverters, who can then be pursued through appropriate legal means. This allows Pevonia to better control their product quality and protect their consumers.

Pevonia also understands that many consumers may not recognize the potentially dangerous difference between an authentic Pevonia product and a diverted Pevonia product, which makes educating consumers extremely important. The first thing to know is that genuine Pevonia products are only available through licensed and authorized professionals, as well as through It is not available through any mass market retailers, which means that Pevonia products found through mass market retailers such as,,,,,,,,,, and others are bound to be diverted products, and therefore highly suspect and potentially dangerous. Pevonia’s spa partners are those individuals who are highly trained to recommend only the best products and treatments for each individual based on an in-depth skin analysis, which is why they are permitted to sell Pevonia products.

Botanica Day Spa is proud to be an authorized Pevonia spa partner. If you have any questions or want more information about Pevonia products, contact us at (727) 441-1711.



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