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Day SpaConnecting Beauty with Nature

Connecting Beauty with Nature

Natural, enduring beauty is something that all women strive to achieve and maintain throughout their lives. This is quite understandable since beauty can make us feel more comfortable and confident both in ourselves as well as for when we are interacting with others. In fact, beauty is so highly desirable that some women spend lots of time, and even more money, trying to elevate their beauty to new levels, especially as they age. However, there may be an easier and better way to achieve and maintain true, natural beauty.

Beauty and Nature

Remember a time when you experienced a long, stressful day at work and consider how you felt and looked afterward. Chances are you felt tired and drained, and your looks probably mimicked this perfectly. Now, remember a time when you experienced a long, relaxing day in nature–perhaps on a hike or at the beach–and consider how you felt and looked afterward. You probably can agree that you felt relaxed and refreshed, and your looks mimicked this perfectly. You would be more likely to say that you looked beautiful after your relaxing day in nature than after your stressful day at work. However, you obviously didn’t spend your day constantly refreshing your makeup in order to create this beautiful look, it just occurred naturally as a result of your activities. The same holds true for the stressful day–while you may have looked worn and tired, this wasn’t because you stripped your face of makeup or applied pale makeup in blotchy spots around your face to make it look this way. What you saw, heard and experienced during each of these very different days affected your mood, as well as how your body systems worked, and the result is clearly evident on your face.

When you feel stressed, anxious, sad, or helpless, you tend to experience an elevated blood pressure and heart rate, as well as muscle tension, and a suppressed immune system. This most certainly affects your beauty as it changes how your basic body systems are operating and delivering blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the skin cells of your body. Obviously, a natural, relaxing environment has the exact opposite effect. Additionally, studies have indicated that nature can help us to cope with pain, because we can be distracted by and absorbed in nature scenes around us and focus less on our pain, which allows us to better work through it. One study looked into the effects that nature has on patients who have undergone gallbladder surgery by placing half of study participants in a room with a view of trees and the other half of study participants in a room with a view of a wall. Those patients who saw trees tolerated recovery pain better and spent less time in the hospital than those patients who saw a wall.

Since humans tend to automatically find nature interesting, it follows that nature can help us to focus and pay better attention to what is occurring around us. This can provide us with a very much-needed break from our incredibly busy and usually overactive minds so that we are more able to relax and restore constructive thought. The natural smells we encounter in nature are also much more healthy and stimulating than many of the manufactured and often dangerous smells we encounter in unnatural environments. As aromatherapy has long proven, there are many benefits to being exposed to natural smells, including allowing one to better relax their body and their mind and cope with difficult or stressful situations.

At Botanica Day Spa, the benefits of nature are incorporated into various spa services, such as seaweed in the 4 Layer Facial, green tea leaves and chamomile in the Rosacea Soothing Facial, aromatherapy in Botanica’s Signature Massage, bamboo in the Warm Bamboo Massage, the rose petal foot soak, and more. In this way, you can connect with nature while relaxing with a beauty-enhancing spa service, achieving the best benefits afforded by both.



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