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EyelashesHow to Avoid Harming Your Natural Lashes with Lash Extensions
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How to Avoid Harming Your Natural Lashes with Lash Extensions

With great long lashes comes great responsibility – to avoid losing more of your natural lashes than normal from wearing false eyelashes. There is plenty of talk in the beauty industry that lash extensions ruin your actual lashes by pulling more than the normal amount because of the adhesive gel. While this could be true for some, there is actually very easy and helpful ways to keep this from occurring, so you can keep having fabulous, voluminous lashes!

Best Kept Secret: Maintain Lash Maintenance

What many beauty goers don’t realize is that even with the help of aestheticians for the easier upkeep of your desired appearance, it’s still up to you to keep it lasting. Fill-ins, waxes, shaping, tinting – these are all best done by a professional aesthetician at a spa, but the time between your next appointment and when you leave the spa looking fresh and fab is all on you.

With lash extensions, in particular, there are steps you should be taking (and your aesthetician will surely have given you the load down on what to do before you left the spa room) to ensure they stay on. The biggest question is always: how can I keep my eyelash extensions on longer? The first basic fact of eyelashes is this – you lose natural lashes every day, from 1-4 lashes being the estimated normal. Lash extensions have a bad rep for “losing lashes faster” because of the weight of them and the adhesive used to apply them.

Yes, lash extensions do make your lashes feel heavier. Does the glue actually speed up the process of lashes dropping off? Not necessarily. The maintenance of lash extensions is crucial to whether you have to call for a fill-in sooner rather than later. Just like with your face care and washing makeup off or having clean skin each night before bed, keeping your lashes healthy and cared for is vital – and the most skipped step when it comes to lash extensions.

When you get professional lash extensions, you should do these steps to ensure they stay on longer and help maintain the strength of your natural lashes at the same time:

  • Avoid rubbing, tugging, or pulling on your lashes. This absolutely loosens and disrupts the structure of your extensions. If your eye itches or something ends up bothering it, use a Q-tip to help reduce the friction and pressure on your eyelashes.
  • Wash your lashes with a gentle, oil-free cleanser. It’s totally okay to wash your eyes with lash extensions, just try not to rub the cleanser on them too roughly. Washing your eyelashes keeps particles, dust, makeup, and anything else that could adhere to your lash extensions off of them.
  • Brush them. Yes, you heard that right. Brushing your lashes keeps the lashes in their natural position, which allows the extensions to remain intact longer.

Choosing to have a less trained lash applicator do your lash extensions can have negative effects. In doing this, we make the error of going to a place or solo lash artist who is less expensive, but not as trained or professional as they should be. Having correctly applied and handled lash extensions is also one of the biggest causes of whether they remain longer or not. Going a cheaper route with lash extensions most often than not results in poor quality extensions that can irritate your eyes or require a sooner fill-in.

Paying the extra buck for a very professional and long-lasting service will end up saving you more money in the long run. Keep up with these helpful tips and realize that you have a say in the maintenance of your lash extensions to keep them longer!


At our spa, Botanica’s professional aestheticians love to beautify our clients with the best care, quality, and customization. The lash extensions offered at Botanica Spa are done with longevity in mind. If you want the Classic Eyelash Extensions, every person leaves with stunning lashes, though with our Volume Lash Extensions, you’ll have Instagram-worthy lashes that will make anyone envious!

We even offer Bottom Lash Extensions for full, sexy lashes that are to die for!

Book your lash appointment with us today online or call us at 727-441-1711 and now know that lash extensions do not ruin your natural lashes!



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