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EyelashesWhy Lash Extensions Have a Bad Rep & The Truth on How to Keep Them Longer Lasting
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Why Lash Extensions Have a Bad Rep & The Truth on How to Keep Them Longer Lasting

Lash extensions are becoming more and more popular. The ever growing beauty industry is producing its best products and nothing looks better than full, voluminous lashes! Yet, lash extensions are constantly getting a bad reputation and endless reviews comment on how short they last. This article is here to give you the truth on why lash extensions don’t last and why the bad reputation is there – and it’s not because of the application or actual lash extensions!

Lash Enhancements & Their Facts

Eyelashes have evolved for centuries as a main beauty element and feature that captivates interest and is one of the first things noticed (because they frame the eyes). With the beauty industry creating and releasing some of the best makeup and formulas in history, everyone is taking advantage of playing up their eyes. To really showcase eye makeup though, stunning eyelashes are always greatly desired.

Lash extensions have grown in popularity in the last few years because of the developments in false eyelashes. Sure, the drugstore falsies are still available and good for a single evening, but what has caused such a flurry with lash enhancements is the longevity aspect of them. However, no good thing comes without some caution.

The negativity attached to lash extensions stems from the proper care and maintenance of them, not from choosing to get lash extensions. It is common to read reviews that say the synthetic lashes didn’t adhere or the glue wasn’t strong enough or the aesthetican didn’t know what she was doing. The latter is really only the true potential cause in those three scenarios.

The growth of lash extensions has caused many people to jump into training to learn how to apply them as an extra cash flow. This is certainly not the right mindset to go into lash enhancements. The proper spa and certification is best when choosing where to get your lash extensions from; this ensures you are receiving the best quality and experience to help extend the life of your lash extensions.

Here are a few helpful tips to drill into yourself if you are committing to lash extensions (and no, they are not time consuming to do):

  • Avoid rubbing and unnecessarily touching your eyes/eyelashes. The natural oils from your fingers can cause the adhesive to wear down quicker.
  • Don’t wear waterproof eye makeup that requires heavy removal techniques. Makeup remover is absolutely okay to use (if it’s water-based makeup remover ONLY), but the excessive motions will pull and possibly loosen your lash enhancements prematurely.
  • Brush your lashes. It may seem odd, but using a dry mascara wand to brush your eyelashes can help them from sticking together or sitting in different directions, which can loosen your lash extensions. This is recommended daily.
  • Wash your lashes. With an oil-free cleanser, there’s no need to avoid washing your eyes with lash extensions. It’s encouraged to do so to keep them clean and free of debris or caked on makeup, which will shorten the lifespan of them.

It’s actually a very simple practice to keep in for long and lovely lash extensions. If you’ve had bad experiences or weren’t provided with these tips, it would definitely be frustrating and warrant a negative comment about lash enhancements, but luckily, it’s not from the decision to get them, just where you got them done at!

Botanica Day Spa Lash Services 

At Botanica, we excel in this area of beauty for all the right reasons. We carry the best synthetic lashes and professional grade adhesives to promote the best and longest lasting lash extensions out there! Make sure to let the aesthetician know if you’re eyes or skin are sensitive so they can do a patch test before beginning to avoid any uncomfortable allergy reactions.

Other than that, we do full range lash enhancements, from tinting to semi-permanent curling! For lash extensions that won’t fall out prematurely, book your appointment with Botanica Day Spa online or call us at 727-441-1711 today!



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