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How to Deal with Sensitive Skin in Your Family

There’s usually one in every family: the person who has sensitive skin. In some cases, all family members may struggle with sensitive skin issues, which makes it especially important that you’re cautious about the skin care products you are using. Even keeping products with harsh chemicals in the bathroom or next to your sinks can affect the skin health of a family with sensitive skin. The two most common skin care problems for people dealing with sensitive skin are:

• Allergic reactions to allergens like fragrance in skin care products
• Irritation from harsh skin cleansing products like soaps

The Genetics of Sensitive Skin

Did you know that even if only one member of your family has sensitive skin, the rest of your family has the potential for developing sensitive skin problems as well. This is because sensitive skin can be genetic. Ensure that your family’s skin stays healthy by stocking your house with only gentle, fragrance-free products, which can also prevent the development of allergic skin reactions; these can become a life-long skin problem. The more often a person’s skin is exposed to allergens, like the ingredients in fragrance, the more likely it is that the person’s skin will become allergic to them. Repeated exposure to harsh cleaning products can also break down the skin’s healthy outer barrier, which can cause irritation.

Top 3 Tips for Dealing with Sensitive Skin

1. Don’t stock fragrance-containing skin care products like soap, cleansers, lip balms, skin creams, etc. in your home. Remember, natural fragrance ingredients can be allergens too.

2. Only use naturally made soaps that have retained their natural glycerin.

3. When it comes to laundry, don’t forget to use hypoallergenic products. Laundry product residue can also cause allergic reactions to sensitive skin.

Just because you have sensitive skin, doesn’t mean that you’ll never be able to wear fragrance. If you have a fragrance you absolutely love, try adding the scent to your hair or clothing. Make sure to avoid contacting your skin.

The Natural Way is the Healthier Way

Even if no one in your family currently has sensitive skin, it’s always better to use products that are hypoallergenic and have natural ingredients. You should try to avoid hard chemicals that can irritate skin and strip it of its natural, healthy oils.



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