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How to Protect Your Lips from the Aging Process

Pucker up! We seem so focused on other aspects of our face that we may overlook one very important part: our lips. We may slap on some quick gloss or the occasional lip balm when they are feeling dry or chapped, but often times we neglect our lips when it comes to facial skin care. Our lips play an important role because they help us make facial expressions, and, let’s face it, can even make or break a good kiss!

How Our Lips Age

Without proper care our lips can actually age faster than other areas of our skin. A major culprit of premature aging around the mouth is smoking. Smokers can develop lines around the mouth caused by the repeated use of the perioral muscles to hold the cigarette. For non-smokers, there are still environmental factors that can lead to lip damage. Years of overexposure to the sun, cold air, and harsh weather can take their toll on the delicate skin on our lips. Since lips have little or no melanin, they have almost no protection from the damaging effects of UV rays.

Keeping Your Lips Youthful

Think of your lips as a sponge; when they are exposed to moisture, they are able to absorb water and plump up. Lips need more moisture and conditioning as we age. Find a lip care product that not only has effective moisturizers, but also has SPF 15 to help prevent any UV ray damage.

Super plump, supple lips seem to be the latest trend in lips, but you should  keep in mind that lip plumpers work by causing localize skin irritation, which causes them to swell or “plump”. While it may give you more youthful lips in the short-term, the inflammation may create the potential for accelerated aging of the lips.

Kiss Aging Goodbye

Like your face, lips need to be exfoliated. Put a small amount of the exfoliant on your lips and brush them gently using a toothbrush for about 30 seconds. Apply a hydrating lip treatment or balm that contains Vitamin E, shea butter, or almond or coconut oil can help preserve the softness of your lips. Use a lip balm with one of those ingredients daily to help maintain the health of your lips.

With these simple tips, your lips will be kissably soft and supple at any age!



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