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How Setting Boundaries Can Improve Your Life

When you hear the word “boundary” you probably picture yourself fenced within giant walls that completely separate you from the rest of the world. Or, maybe not. Creating boundaries does not mean you have to cut yourself off from family, friends, or your job; it is all about maintaining a positive self-image and showing others that you respect yourself and are not defined by others. Healthy relationships would not be possible if personal boundaries didn’t exist. Here are some tips for setting boundaries and how they can improve your overall well-being.

Your Right to Personal Boundaries

You and you alone are responsible for how you allow others to treat you. By creating boundaries, you let people know what behaviors are acceptable in your life. People who don’t have boundaries tend to derive their sense of worth from others and lack a strong sense of identity. Surround yourself with clear, decisive limits that others will respect. Interestingly enough, those who have weak personal boundaries frequently violate the boundaries of others.

Learn to Say No

Recently on social media, I’ve seen several posts and articles about learning to say ‘yes’ and how it will improve your life. Many of us though are people-pleasers and work hard to accommodate others because we don’t want to be perceived as selfish. However, a certain amount of selfishness is necessary when it comes to having healthy personal boundaries. Do not put your own needs on the backburner in order to do things for others that may not be beneficial to your well-being.

The Benefits of Boundaries

Once you know exactly what behaviors or actions you find acceptable or unacceptable, you’ll notice great improvements in your everyday life. When you have healthy personal boundaries, you are likely to have improved self-confidence. Having higher self-esteem also improves your ability to communicate with others. With better communication skills comes more fulfilling relationships. It’s like one long chain of benefits! By acknowledging that you know what you want and value out life, you are exhibiting your strengths as an individual. This helps you to avoid developing an unhealthy, imbalanced relationship with others that could encourage neediness or the expectation that others should be filling any voids in your life.

Obviously, it can be difficult to set boundaries or confront someone who is treating you poorly. By taking the first step to identify what you will and will not tolerate, you will be well on your way to improving your relationships with others, but even more importantly, improving the relationship you have with yourself. Are you lacking some serious self-love? Come prioritze your needs with a relaxing massage or one of our other great spa services!



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