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NailsKeep Your Skin Protected this Winter with a Paraffin Wax Treatment at Botanica

Keep Your Skin Protected this Winter with a Paraffin Wax Treatment at Botanica

Keep Your Skin Protected this Winter with a Paraffin Wax Treatment at Botanica

A well-deserved trip to the spa can have a couple of important benefits. Depending upon the spa service or services you select, you are receiving treatments that you cannot or do not want to perform at home.

For example, in the case of a facial treatment, your aesthetician is able to clean and hydrate your skin more deeply than you can at home, in the case of a manicure or pedicure you may find it more enjoyable to let a professional handle this for you rather than having to do it for yourself. Another benefit is the fact that spa treatments are pampering and relaxing, which can have numerous physical and mental health benefits on its own.


Manicures and pedicures are a great way to pamper your hands, arms, feet, legs, and nails, cleaning them up, and making them look and feel great. A professional manicure not only cleans and shapes your nails, but it also treats your cuticles, exfoliates and removes the dead skin cells of your hand, and improves your hands’ blood circulation.

A professional pedicure helps to prevent and treat many of the conditions that can lead to foot pain, including ingrown nails and painful sores. Considering that our feet work very hard every day, keeping them healthy and happy is very important to our overall health. With a pedicure, one of our hardest working and yet most neglected body parts can be cleaned and massaged, allowing them to relax and enjoy improved blood circulation.

The oils and moisturizers used during pedicures can work to prevent dry, painful and unsightly cracked heels. Furthermore, both manicures and pedicures can be finished with polish to add a further touch of beauty and style. Whether you love the entire process of a manicure or pedicure from the very beginning to the very end or you have a particularly favorite part (like the rejuvenating massage), chances are you recognize how beneficial the entire process is–to both your body and your mind. Adding a paraffin wax treatment can increase these benefits exponentially.

Paraffin wax treatments can occur by dipping your hands or feet quickly several times in a tub of heated, liquid paraffin wax before covering them in a plastic bag and wrapping them with warm towels, gloves or slippers. Some salons choose to place plastic bags of paraffin wax directly onto your hands or feet, moving the wax around gently to cover all surfaces. The wax can be gently scented with natural, soothing essential oils to further heighten the experience.

Paraffin wax “hardens” into a soft coating that is comfortable. As the paraffin wax is left to harden, it traps heat against your skin and opens your pores. This allows for the release of dirt and toxins as well as allowing the hydrating oil elements of the paraffin wax to penetrate deeply through the outer layers of skin, delivering valuable moisture to dry skin and cuticles. When it has finally cooled it can be pulled away, stripping dead skin cells away along with it. Your skin is left looking brighter and feeling more soft and supple.

The warmth of paraffin wax can be very soothing, and it can increase blood flow and relax muscles. This can result in a greater range of motion, a reduction of inflammation, and relief from a wide range of uncomfortable and even painful conditions, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis. Paraffin wax treatments for your hands and feet are simple and inexpensive, and so incredibly luxurious and beneficial that they are a wonderful service to add on to any manicure or pedicure treatment.

Contact Botanica Say Spa today to learn more about how you can add this treatment to other spa services!



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