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NailsHottest Spring Nail Trends from New York Fashion Week

Hottest Spring Nail Trends from New York Fashion Week

Springtime brings wonderful new fashion trends and the opportunity to give your wardrobe a makeover. Why not give your nails a makeover too? After all, they are very important to help complete your look. Following are some of the hottest Spring nail trends, fresh from New York Fashion Week:

  • Center stripe. A stripe of dark nail polish placed directly down the center of the nail and finished with a matte top coat can create a striking look.
  • Abstract designs. Instead of a stripe of dark nail polish placed directly down the center of the nail, one can use a free-forming technique to create a different, abstract line design on each nail.
  • A little shine. In this look, each nail is first painted with a matte white polish and then the center painted with a shiny silver nail polish. The entire nail can be painted over for a more distressed-metal look.
  • Fluttering hearts. On a background of white nail polish, a black sharpie is used to outline hearts, which can then roughly be shaded in with light pinks and reds.
  • Cuticle jewelry. Over a clear base, a thin brush is used to apply glitter and gold accents around the edge of the cuticle.
  • Contrasting dots. Using two contrasting colors, the lighter shade is applied over the entire nail. The darker, contrasting shade is then applied in a dot, using the eraser of a pencil.
  • Embellishments. Over a dark base coat, crystals, sequins or other embellishments are added to each nail.
  • Ombre shading. Ombre shading has become highly popular in fashion and design in general, and can be used beautifully on nails.
  • Alternating halves. This look is accomplished by painting the top and bottom half of each nail with a different color, and alternating the color sequences on each nail. It can be especially dramatic with two widely varying colors, such as cherry red and pale nude.
  • Cubist art. Over a pale nude base coat, small teal and dark blue squares are painted into corners, diagonal from one another.
  • Candy hues. Over a nude base, combinations of electric asymmetrical are added at the top and bottom of each nail.
  • Clean white. The simple beauty of a clean white nail polish should never be underestimated.

One of the beautiful things about nail art is that it can be changed, so you can enjoy several of the hottest spring nail trends–and enjoy the many compliments sure to come your way.



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