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EyelashesLook Flawless Year-Round with Luscious Lash Extensions at Botanica
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Look Flawless Year-Round with Luscious Lash Extensions at Botanica

Tired of clumpy, layered on mascara to try and achieve that perfect full eyelash look? Well, look no further than Botanica spa for your lash extensions goals! We know the struggle of laboriously applying mascara day after day. Whether you’re trying for a voluminous lash or a perk up for your eyes with bold, big lashes to brighten your face, using mascara all the time can get frustrating. We totally feel you! So many nowadays are turning to eyelash extensions for lashes that are divine for longer than when you remove your makeup at night. Find out why lash extensions are bigger and more in demand than ever!

Benefits of Lash Extensions

We all love big, bold, and beautiful eyelashes. There’s nothing better than being complimented on your eyelashes these days and we don’t blame you for wanting to achieve the goal every day! But most mascaras are hard to accomplish the task of fulfilling your eyelash goals. Most natural eyelashes are too short or too sparse to match those envious eye looks on social media. So how do they do it?

Welcome to the fabulous world of false eyelashes like you’ve never known before!

Lash extensions are quite different to glue on yourself false lashes, as these are done by professionals with professional grade products. There are many different kinds of lash extensions, from the material/synthetics used to make the individual lashes to something as fancy and luxurious as mink lash extensions! Lash extensions are done by placing individual lashes to a single natural lash to create more volume and fullness.

What’s so fantastic about lash extensions is that they last anywhere from 4 weeks on! Yes, that means you don’t have to apply mascara if you don’t want to and still have envious lashes. This is one of the top demands in the beauty world right now. They’re no longer just for celebrities with a thick wallet. Yes, they do cost a bit more than a tube of mascara, but it also takes away the time and effort of applying anything to your lashes, including difficult falsies.

The better care you take of your lash extensions, the longer they stay intact. Being gentle while removing makeup and avoiding rubbing or any harsh actions against your eyelashes will keep the bond of the lash extensions to your real lash. Get ready for instant Instagram envy from your followers with luscious lash extensions from Botanica!

Lash Enhancements at Botanica Day Spa

There is plenty to choose from when it comes to lash extensions at Botanica spa. We offer classic lash extensions where one extension is applied to each natural lash. Then our volume lash extensions, for those wanting an extra oomph for some serious length, with up to 3 lash extensions applied to each natural lash. We even have bottom lash extensions for real pizzazz and the ultimate glamor look! We highly recommend coming in once the extensions start to fall out (as they will with your natural lashes and the normal occurrence of losing them) for a fill-in. This keeps them long and full for weeks more, without having to redo a full set!

Our convenient location of the spa in Clearwater, FL has many beauty and lash enhancement as we know the desire of anyone wanting bigger, fuller, and richer lashes. We love beauty and we love helping anyone who comes into our spa reach their skin, body, and face goals! If you’re interested in going the extra mile and want even more of a boost, then choose from a lash perm, brow tinting, or even lash tinting!

The lash perm is a service that creates a semi-permanent curve to your eyelashes for a more lifted look. The brow and lash tinting are done with a special dye to darken and enhance your features, especially if you have lighter colored hairs. This helps to shorten your makeup application and free up your time from darkening your brows or lashes each day!

With so many activities, holidays, vacations, and everything in-between starting to happen for summer, why worry about one more thing when you can have stunning lash extensions? Look fierce and fab, while having more free time and fewer concerns over your makeup with luscious lash extensions! Call Botanica today or book online to make your lash extensions appointment with us!



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