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EyelashesThe 3 Best Reasons for Lash Extensions

The 3 Best Reasons for Lash Extensions

Do you ever scroll through Instagram and you see all those stunning beauty shots from makeup tutorials or makeup advertisements and you just can’t understand how people have such amazing eyelashes? I know, we feel you! It’s envious, it’s irritating, and what do you know – it is possible! No matter the natural length or fullness of your eyelashes, there are lash extensions from the makeup gods!

Lash Extensions the Right Way

On occasion, lash extensions can have a bad rep. Why? Well, most places that offer lash extensions use bulk, poor quality products and adhesives. This creates a bad reaction to the glue used to adhere the false lashes and your skin does not appreciate the cheap chemicals and voila, your skin becomes irritated, inflamed, red, sensitive, and possibly burn. You have wasted several hundred dollars for a horrible eye reaction that you hope can fade and hide by wearing sunglasses night and day.

No, this is not always the case, my friends!

Lash extensions when applied properly and high-quality material is purchased for the benefit of the client, you can have beautiful, glamorous eyelashes! Here are 3 reasons why you should choose to get lash extensions the right way:

  1. Have length and volume added to your natural lashes without clumping on extra mascara. One lash enhancement session lasts several weeks, meaning less time applying makeup and having that gorgeous, effortless look without the fuss.
  2. You will save so much time with lash extensions and as previously stated, no addition of having to apply mascara and reapply it later on to achieve that full, voluptuous eyelash look! Your morning makeup will be that much easier and quicker without having to worry about clumps, flakes, or smearing mascara on your face.
  3. Achieve that youthful and wide awake appearance with the help of eyelash extensions. No more tired, waiting for the caffeine to kick in slump each morning. With lash extensions, you already have half the battle won with long, luscious lashes to perk your look up (the other half of the battle is choosing a fierce outfit!).

You won’t realize until you have your lash extensions, but the effortless aspect of them, as well as the free time, will have you singing praises to your professional lash girl!

Lash Extensions at Botanica

At our spa in Clearwater FL, Botanica offers several different lash options and beauty enhancements for your lovely lashes! With the classic lash extensions, one lash is applied to each of your individual, natural lashes. Then we have our luscious lash extensions, where up to 3 lashes are added to each of your individual lashes for a fiery, thick eyelash look. We even offer a bottom lash extensions service to give your lower lashes some loving. These have to be done on a different day than the upper lashes, so keep that in mind when booking your lash appointment!

The beauty enhancements are sweet little treats to give your face and beauty look an extra zing! There’s a lash perm for a more lifted look to your eyes by creating a semi-permanent curve to your lashes (you won’t need that pesky eyelash curler anymore!), and a lash tinting that uses a special dye to give your eyelashes a more defined and richer appearance. We can also do temporary lashes if you’re in a dash or have a one-night special event and need a quick eyelash fix! Or even if you need full makeup done for that event or party, we offer this service as well.

We love pampering our clients and know the struggles of applying daily false eyelashes for that Instagram worthy look. So, come try our luscious lash extensions and see the result and benefits of them for yourself! Call us or book your lash enhancement appointment today online! We can’t wait to see the fabulous look either.



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