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EyelashesTime for More Time & Less on Applying Makeup? Lash Extensions & Tints at Botanica are Your Lifesaver
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Time for More Time & Less on Applying Makeup? Lash Extensions & Tints at Botanica are Your Lifesaver

It can be a real pain to apply makeup day after day after day. If we’re all not blessed with clear, smooth skin, it’s harder to go au natural – besides makeup is a form of art and there’s nothing wrong with being an artist to your face every day. However, there are certainly a few easy, time-saving aspects to makeup that will become your new best friend – lash extensions and lash tint – and they’re voted number one in Tampa Bay at Botanica Day Spa.

Why Lash Extensions are Right for You

Makeup is expressive, it’s creative and it’s just plain fun. Applying it time and time again, though, can really rattle some of us, especially if presenting your face in a heightened way is a necessity for work, life, or a personal choice. That’s why lash extensions are pure magic for us! How long do lash extensions last, you may ask? The extensions last for four weeks or more, depending on how well you maintain them and what your natural lash growth is like, and it makes getting ready so much quicker.

Have you ever wanted to wake up and look like an Instagram filter? Well, you definitely are one massive step closer with lash extensions. By applying individual false lashes to each natural lash, the voluptuousness and volume of your eyelashes are increased tenfold! It’s like a roundhouse kick of envy to everyone who will absolutely be commenting on your stunning, long and thick lashes afterward. And though being kind and humble are stellar attributes, there’s nothing wrong with looking fabulous and being acknowledged for it.

Beauty has evolved through the centuries and luckily enough for those of us without perfect Kardashian lashes, lash extensions gives us that look for weeks on end. You will notice right away how much quicker it is to leave the house without the hassle of applying mascara every time you do your makeup (though you certainly can add it on top of the lash extensions for extra oomph).

And what about your brows? Are you filling them in every day too with a brow pomade, powder or pencil? Brow tints are a wonderful relief as well and scraps off that much more time in front of the mirror. You won’t realize the freedom and extra time you’ll accrue not having to do your eyelashes AND brows every day. The best part is that you exude that vivaciousness effortlessly! No application, no fuss, no crooked or improperly filled in brows, and no clumpy, flaking mascara.

Lash Extensions and Brow Tint at Botanica

Botanica Day Spa has several lash extension options, varying for how much pizazz you want and what your natural lashes can allow. There’s the Classic Lash Extensions, which is one lash extension applied to each of your individual, natural lashes. Fill-ins are highly recommended to maintain the lash extensions and are more cost-efficient than having to apply a whole new set.

Then, there are the Volume Lash Extensions, where up to 3 lash extensions are applied to each individual lash for some serious glam and eye-popping wow. If you’re in the mood for some serious lash action, Bottom Lash Extensions are available to encompass the whole va-va-voom look to your eyes; lash extensions are added to your lower lashes for a full lash all around. This cannot be done the same day as the top lashes, therefore schedule your appointments accordingly so you can fit in both before any major event, wedding, party, etc.

Lastly, there is a Lash Perm and Lash Tint, both of which shave off even more time applying your makeup. The lash perm creates a semi-permanent curve to your lashes for a lifted look that will have you tossing out your lash curler tools for good! And the lash tint uses a special dye to darken the lashes for major, stunning drama!

As for bold, beautiful brows – brow tinting will surely become your new bestie. A unique dye is applied to your brows to darken the hairs and enhance your whole eye area. Not only will it help emphasize your bone structure and natural contours, it will give your makeup a more dramatic and stunning finish!

Call us at Botanica Day Spa today for your lash extensions appointment and brow tint at 727-441-1711! Say hello to more free time and easier beauty routines!



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