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Body TreatmentsLook Trimmer & Detox the Natural Way with Botanica’s Lipo Slimming Treatment
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Look Trimmer & Detox the Natural Way with Botanica’s Lipo Slimming Treatment

Now that summer is coming to an end, there are still plenty of occasions where being slim and trim will absolutely come in handy. The holiday season usually sees an average of 7 pounds added to a person’s weight! To avoid such occurrences, there is one nifty and healthy alternative to staying fit and detoxing the right way and that’s the Lipo Slimming Treatment at Botanica Day Spa!

Lipo Slimming Treatment & Its Benefits

Normally when people hear the word Lipo they immediately think of fat being sucked out from a cosmetic procedure. At Botanica Day Spa, this is quite the opposite and is a very healthy version of liposuction (without the suction, surgery, or heavy price tag). The Lipo slimming treatment was created to help detox the body of residual junk or stubborn fat that just won’t go away.

Lipo tends to coincide with weight loss programs, dieting, and any other form of trimming down the numbers on the scale. However, with Botanica’s Lipo treatment, it was developed with the healthiest and safest methods to reducing fat and detoxing as to avoid any potential health issues or severe reactions (including going “under the knife”).

This Lipo Slimming Treatment concurs with any type of diet and exercise program and uses a highly concentrated blend of natural essential oils. Essential oils have been known to help reduce adipose (fat) and penetrate into the skin without any physical signs. By adding heat from an infrared blanket to stimulate collagen to this blend of oils, it triggers the best results and allows the oils to reduce fat and detox the body, which the idea of heat was inspired by the sauna!

Not only does this Lipo Slimming Treatment work to eliminate fat and reveal a trimmer body figure, but it also works wonders on cellulite (a subsequent result of subcutaneous fat forming)! The best part, aside from shedding those extra pounds and the confidence boost, the Lipo Slimming Treatment is quite relaxing.

Unlike visiting a plastic surgeon for lipo, at Botanica Day Spa, you are able to bask in the serenity and relaxation of a spa body treatment that happens to be like hitting the gym (to your fat at least!). There should always be a pleasant experience and satisfaction with losing weight or detoxing and that’s what Botanica had in mind with the Lipo treatment.

The body is sacred and while often neglected by accident with busy schedules, utilizing natural essential oils and the detoxing benefits of heat to promote a healthier body should be an easy choice.

Botanica Day Spa Body Treatments

The Lipo Slimming Treatment is the ultimate goal in balancing weight loss with safe practices to achieve the body you want. Continuing a good diet and exercise should not be forgotten while receiving the treatment, as it is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. A body treatment at Botanica is meant to promote a calm, relaxing atmosphere and a healing touch for your body.

It’s important to note that this body treatment is recommended in a series for truly magnificent results and for the biggest impact on reducing adipose. Not only will you feel refreshed from visiting the spa, but your body will become so invigorated by the detox it boasts too! Feel free to call us for further information on this body treatment and to book your series of Lipo Slimming Treatments!

You can book your appointment online on the Botanica website or over the phone at 727-441-1711! Enjoy the benefits of lipo without the surgery and recovery time, plus the added bonus of a natural detoxification at the same time!



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