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Body TreatmentsIs Your Skin Hurting from Sun Exposure? Time for the Mountain Glow Honey Butter Treatment at Botanica Day Spa
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Is Your Skin Hurting from Sun Exposure? Time for the Mountain Glow Honey Butter Treatment at Botanica Day Spa

During the summer, your skin can take a dramatic beating without you realizing. Sunburns, dehydration, and even just running errands during the day without sunscreen on can cause severe damage that will either show right away or way down the road. Wrinkled, leathery skin is a status we absolutely want to avoid and drugstore lotions don’t always cut it. Your best course of action is a body treatment at Botanica Day Spa!

Body Treatment Benefits

We take our skin for granted sometimes. It’s not just you, everyone has faux pas when it comes to taking care of our body – even from head to toe! The skin is the biggest organ we have and it can be very tricky to manage on a day to day basis. Your average daily moisturizing lotion from the local drugstore can help, but minutely.

There are many false ingredients, like synthetic fillers and thickening agents that overshadow the good ingredients in many lotions. The ratio of active ingredients to the rest (which are difficult to pronounce and very few know what each of them does) are heavily outweighed and could be causing more damage than reparative steps.

Choosing a plant or marine-based skin care line is always incredibly helpful, while also watching for certain ingredients you do want, such as:

  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Shea Butter
  • Aloe Vera
  • Honey
  • Flower Extracts
  • Peptides
  • Olive & Coconut Oils
  • Vitamin C

Each of these is essential ingredients that will help nourish, protect, and repair your skin on a regular basis. Look for organic brands and believe it or not, they are sold in stores like Target or Walgreens (Botanica Day Spa also sells skin care in our boutique shop located at the front of the spa!).

However, giving your skin the real, down and dirty cleansing, scrubbing, and moisturizing that it needs will always show you sublime results! That’s where a body treatment comes into play and will revitalize your skin to something beautiful, healthy, and radiant. The benefits of choosing a body treatment are infinitely worth the splurge:

  • Restores skin’s hydration levels
  • Exfoliates to clear away dead skin cells, oils, sebum, and debris to allow better absorption for the skin and skin care products
  • Promotes cell turnover
  • Fills and plumps skin for firmer and younger textures
  • Baby soft skin afterward
  • Quality skin care products used ensure cleansed and vibrant skin

A body treatment is best done by a professional aesthetician and the spa is the perfect place to give you and your skin a calm, serene environment too!

Mountain Glow Honey Butter Treatment

What is so excellent about a spa like Botanica is the diversity of the services offered – you can have a vast pick of treatments like never before! One of our favorite options for truly hydrated, glowing skin is the Mountain Glow Honey Butter Treatment and yes, it’s as splendid as the name makes it seem!

Especially during severe seasons like summer and winter, our skin is sucked dry of nutrients, nourishment, and hydration. You can layer on lotions and moisturizing body wash, but what your skin really needs is a top to bottom restoration. This body treatment goes beyond a normal hydrating service and here’s why:

It begins with exfoliating the skin with aromatic sea salts to clear away anything unwanted on the skin’s surface and in the pores. Then honey butter and a body balm are used to smooth and blend the products in for ultimate purification. You are next wrapped in a warm blanket, which allows the products to penetrate even further into the skin.

Your body is cleansed and rinsed to reveal smooth, polished skin that is followed by a Botanica moisturizing lotion. The lotion is massaged in to penetrate and boost your skin to the next level, giving you that dreamy glow! Not only is your skin nourished and healthy after this body treatment, it’s also meant to give you a sense of peace along with now supple skin!

Don’t wait to take care of your skin. Call us at Botanica today at 727-441-1711 to book your body treatment!



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