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MassageWhat to Expect For Your First Massage Since the Pandemic Started

What to Expect For Your First Massage Since the Pandemic Started

It’s a big mouthful—the title of this article. But there amount of people who are still timid to dive back into a hands-on service like massage therapy since COVID turned our world upside down. Hugs are a distant memory, so what will it be like to get a massage all these months later since your last one?

I’ve had this question a lot and I felt it was critical to explain just how important it is to return your regular massage schedule. Not only is it important to keep up your personal wellness by taking care of your body, but the tranquility of being in the spa is just something you don’t find all the time.

Here’s why returning to booking massages now is a game-changer for your stress and well-being.

Fall Back into Bliss with Remembering What a Massage Feels Like

Massage is the therapy of choice for plenty of people, and for good reason. What used to be people’s get away from a stressful week at work or after hard workouts at the gym, or for busy moms to escape and have some much-needed “me time”, had become completely taboo. Going to a restaurant was avoided by most. Vacations? A thing of the past.

Close contact services like getting your nails done, or having a facial, and of course, getting a massage were either put on hold or attempted at home. While DIY and a nice little mini-spa day at home are great for in-between appointments, coming to the pros really makes a world of difference.

COVID put so much extra stress and pressure on everyone, that massage should’ve been a focal point to relieve the tension, literally, from the pandemic. Unfortunately, it was such a new and restricted world that came out of it that most of us let the idea of pampering disappear from our mindsets.

Now that the world is gradually returning to normal, if you haven’t started back up with your massage appointments, here’s a reminder of what you’re missing out on:

A calm, peaceful environment away from all the noise, distractions, and tasks at home or work. Tranquil music and soft spoken employees offering you yummy fruit-infused water and a comfy lounge area while you wait for your massage therapist to come get you. Candles and soft sheets, dim-lighting, and aromatherapy workings its magic on your mental stresses.

But the real dreamy reality of coming back to your massages is this:

Skilled hands kneading and rubbing all the tension in your neck and shoulders, your lower back, your extremities—head to toe relaxation. Who forgot what that feels like? Focusing on targeted areas if necessary and letting your mind unwind just as much as your body. Self care is the real deal and with massage therapy, you get the best of both worlds with rejuvenating your body, as well as your mind.

Frayed nerves, soothed.

Tension headaches, gone.

Sore feet, remedied.

Clenched jaw muscles, relaxed.

Knowing how much your body and mind need the next 60 minutes will hit you within the first minute after so long without your favorite massage therapist. Imagine how it will feel to practically have all the pent-up stress of the last year and a half scooped out with expert techniques.

We all carry our stress in different ways, but massage therapy can certainly help release it wherever you hold it. Stiffness and discomfort will be no more after a session at Botanica Day Spa. Falling asleep mid-massage isn’t uncommon and has been known to be the most refreshing “cat nap” for some clients, especially when the massage therapist works on the calves/feet area.

Once you’re under the sheets and the therapist begins, 60 minutes won’t be enough. You’ll feel that final scoop of your neck and shoulders, and when it’s over, you’ll feel so refreshed and taken care of that it’ll be sad but ready to rebook already. Getting back into your monthly massage schedule will also give your routine that sliver of self care time that was very hard to come by for some once the pandemic didn’t go away.

Every precaution is taken, guidelines followed, and your time inside the spa is tailored to what will make you feel comfortable. A clean, serene space is all we can ask for these days, right?

The best part of coming back to massage therapy is how when you leave the spa glowing and lighter than you’ve felt in over a year, both physically and mentally, is how you’ll never take 60 minutes of bodywork for granted. Book your appointment today and treat yourself to the glorious benefits of massage therapy again.  



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