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7 Ways to Feel Beautiful in a Society Obsessed with Looks

There are many mornings when I wake up feeling exhausted, bloated, and just downright unattractive.  I convince myself that no matter how cute my outfit is or how on-point my makeup is that day, I just won’t feel entirely beautiful and confident.  Classic beauties like Audrey Hepburn and Angelina Jolie probably never had ugly days in their lives, right?  WRONG.  Even some of the world’s most beautiful women readily admit to not feeling attractive on occasion.  Sometimes, when we’re feeling our most gorgeous, a rude comment from a judgmental person can quickly cause our self-esteem to drop.  Starting today, promise yourself that you will never second guess your beauty or only feel beautiful if someone validates you.  Here are some ways to keep feeling beautiful despite living in a looks-obsessed society.

1. The Magic of a Good Morning Routine

Waking up a little earlier than usual can give you the opportunity for some important self-care.  Lighting an aroma therapy candle while you eat breakfast, or using one of our luxurious Spongellé body wash buffers in the shower can help you feel pampered and special right from the very start of your day.

2.  Smile & Laughter

It can be annoying to have someone tell you that you need to smile more, but really, you should be taking that advice!  Smiling and laughing with friends or co-workers are great ways to promote the inner happiness that is so important for feeling beautiful inside and out.  After all, a radiant smile is often the first thing people find beautiful about you.

3. Eat Healthy Foods

Beauty starts from within.  We’ve all regretted making poor drive-thru food decisions that leave us feeling greasy and gross.  Making good, healthy food choices will give you the energy and power you need to shine from the inside. 

4. Hit the Gym

There’s a reason why so many people become addicted to the gym: it boosts self-esteem! Even if you aren’t seeing results right away, exercising encourages the release of endorphins, which promote happiness.  A happy person is a beautiful person!

5. Accept Yourself

You are who you are.  You are your own unique person.  No one else on this entire planet is exactly like you.  There is a greater plan at work because of your existence and you don’t have to change anything about yourself.  Accept and respect who you are.  Trust yourself.

6. Share a Piece of Your Soul

In a world that perceives people as “being soft” for expressing real emotions, vulnerability can actually be a beautiful thing.  Being open and honest about your struggles and problems with another person creates valuable human connections.  When others can see what is in your heart, it’s obvious how beautiful your soul really is.    

7. If You Think You’re Beautiful, You’ll Feel Beautiful

Having a positive mindset is truly the key to leading a happy, healthy life.  You are always giving your girlfriends compliments; it’s time you do the same for yourself!  If you already know you are beautiful (despite the large zit you woke up with), you will find beauty in yourself every day. 



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