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Natural Cleaning Products Suck

Okay, so sometimes I’m bad and I don’t use natural cleaning products; all-natural, chemical-free, organic, vegan, gluten free, and non toxic house natural cleaning products. Sometimes I actually want my house to be clean and I use Windex and bleach.

Well, this hasn’t stopped me from feeling guilty and with baby number 2 on the way I really did want to make an effort to change. I looked around for some recipes for natural house cleaners and discovered vinegar. It seems to handle everything. The only problem with vinegar is… it smells like vinegar. But it doesn’t have to…

1) Take a jar and cram it with a scent you want. I did one jar with just orange peels and another jar with cinnamon, orange peels and clove. You could try lime and basil or lemon and rosemary.         

2) After you have stuffed the jar with oranges (or whatever) fill it with vinegar.

                                                                                            orange jar

3) Then you wait… for a few weeks. I let mine sit for 3 weeks because I really wanted it to have a great strong scent. But I checked the scent after 1 week and it was pretty good.

4) Strain the vinegar from the jar and discard the peels etc.

strained oranges

5) Now mix your vinegar concoction with water. I do equal parts but I know people who do 2 parts water and 1 part vinegar.

vinegar in measuring cup

6) Clean away. Now please know, when you first use this cleaner you will smell a little bit of vinegar at first. But, it will dissipate and you will be left with a lovely aroma – in my case orange, cinnamon and clove!

finished product

Love, Gen

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