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Know Your Worth: Finding Value in Yourself

Unfortunately, we all have to endure some difficult experiences in life. Whether it’s a painful breakup, being laid off from a job you loved, or feeling unappreciated by friends and family members, sometimes you can be left doubting the value you bring to the world. Many of us struggle with confidence and self-esteem issues even as adults; though self-esteem is connected to how we see ourselves, many outside influences can shape it, including relationships and social media. Here are tips for regaining your confidence and realizing your worth as an individual.

The Power of Attitude

If you’re constantly putting yourself down and belittling your worth in front of others, eventually you’re going to alter people’s perception of you as well as how you perceive yourself. This isn’t an attempt at humility; this is self-denial that is lessening your presence in the world. It’s equally important not to over-estimate or inflate your self-worth by deceiving yourself through insecurity. Celebrate the fact that your talents and your thoughts are unique and valued. It is always possible to change your thought process and learn to appreciate and love yourself.

You are Not What Other People Think of You

If you find yourself trying to live up to an image of what others want you to be, you are decreasing your self-worth. Never live your life for someone else or according to someone else’s expectations. Surround yourself with people who share positive insights with you and want to see you succeed and be happy. When you stop trying to please everyone, your own desires and passions will rise to the surface and you can focus on your own self-worth.

Knowing Your Worth

When society tends to value people by what they do rather than who they are, it can be difficult to see your value as a human being. You are not what you do; you are a unique, valuable, and wonderful person who matters. Strengthening your resilience can help you react positively when outside influences cause you to question your worth. You always have the choice to decide between demeaning yourself or standing firm in your self-worth.

“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.” Cultivating and sharing your unique value and perception is the key to unlocking true self-worth and finding greater satisfaction in life.



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