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Body TreatmentsNourish your Dry Skin with these 3 Spa Treatments
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Nourish your Dry Skin with these 3 Spa Treatments

Dry skin can be the curse of “winter is coming” and winter ending. Trying to keep your skin hydrated on top of work, family, errands, life in general, and you can forget about spending time applying lotion when your delicious bed is calling to you. I know dry skin can be very problematic and worrisome but have on fear, at Botanica we have spa treatments that will sort it out for you.

How Dry Skin Occurs

When dealing with dry skin, it’s not just about the look and feel of it. The internal and external issues that can occur for dry skin and not handling it in a timely fashion are not very pleasant. Healthy skin is made up of natural fatty oils called lipids, which protect the layers of your skin with moisture. You may be surprised by what actually causes and helps in aiding dry skin from happening. Here are a few of the why’s for dry skin to look out for:

·        Dry air – especially in the winter, the heat is run at home and stores to help balance out the cold air outside. This dry air draws out all the moisture in your skin, depleting your natural lipids, as well as removing the humidity in the air. As much as we all hate the frizz from humidity, it does help our skin. That’s why it’s so important to moisturize in winter to counteract the dryness from running the heat.

·        Hot showers – I know, this is upsetting me too! But taking very hot showers actually strips away the moisture in your skin. Try lukewarm showers and patting your skin dry after getting out instead of rubbing the towel all over you and see if it makes a difference.

·        Soaps – I cannot stress enough about reading the ingredients on the body soaps you buy. Even hand soaps can be too harsh for our skin and remove all of our protective oils on our body. Be wary of unscented soaps too and I highly recommend researching out the right soaps to buy that doesn’t rid us of all of our skin’s lipids and fatty oils.

·        Hard water – living in Florida particularly, we run into this problem every day. Investing in a filtration system, whether it’s a full house system or easy to install one’s from Amazon, these can save your skin by filtering out the hard water deposits and minerals in your home. The results of filtration systems are incredible!

Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized at any time of the year is a critical part of your body’s health. There is no better place to start helping you achieve this than Botanica Day Spa!

Botanica Day Spa Treatments

If you have severely dry skin or just little patches, don’t worry, there are 3 dynamite spa treatments at Botanica that will help you out. First is our lovely Mountain Glow Honey Butter treatment, a sumptuous body treatment that covers everything your dry skin needs. With sea salts, honey butter, and body balm applied, followed by being wrapped up in a warm blanket, you are then cleansed and moisturized with lotion that is massaged into your skin for a glowing, smooth, and nourished outcome. This spa treatment is the perfect choice for dry, damaged skin that needs a little loving with fabulous relaxation involved.

The second spa treatment is a Botanica Custom Massage, which we are rated best in the Tampa Bay area for by Citysearch! Customizing it for hydrating and maximum absorption, this massage will not only destress your body, it will cover you head to toe in moisturizing lotion.  You will leave our spa feeling relaxed, unwound, and bathed in hydration!

Finally, a simple yet effective spa treatment if you’re looking just for a hand or foot dry skin solution, we offer paraffin wax treatments to any of our manicures or pedicures. Paraffin wax is known to smooth and soothe dry skin, mainly on your hands or feet. This add-on treatment is used by dipping your extremities in a bag filled with hot paraffin wax and left until hardened. It is removed after several minutes, revealing soft and moistened skin.

Any one of these spa treatments will give your dry skin excellent benefits and relief from the pain or itching. Visit Botanica Day Spa today to book your appointment for one or several of our amazing services!



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