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Body TreatmentsBody Treatments: What You May be Missing for Your Health
body treatments

Body Treatments: What You May be Missing for Your Health

Health is something we all strive to maintain and protect. We all go up and down with our diet and exercise routines. It’s hard to keep it in with a working life and even for us working mamas. There are a few good moments of flawlessly sticking to your diet, working out, and seeing the results on the scale and the shape of your clothes! It’s very easy for things to throw a wrench in the perfectly planned schedule. So how can you fix it?

Health Techniques

Diet and exercise are crucial to any health and weight loss plans, but there are also other ways to benefit your health and wellness. There are the well-known methods, such as:

·        Diet – eating organic, clean, lean, plenty of greens with low sugar and fat.

·        Exercise – hitting the gym, going for runs, lifting weights or doing a workout like Pilates or Yoga.

·        Vitamins – supplements to maintain your immune system, daily health, omega oils, B vitamins, multi-vitamins, biotin for your hair and skin, and even getting your vegetables and greens in capsule form.

·        Juicing & Cleanses – drinking all of your meals in liquid form to detox the body.

·        Rest – Keeping your body well rested and destressing can boost your health tremendously.

These all can work and have great results, as long as you follow advice from professional dieticians or nutritionists for some of them. Maybe even hire a trainer or fitness coach to help you reach those weight loss goals. But at Botanica Day Spa, we offer very helpful and beneficial body treatments that can increase your health in simple, but effective ways. Body treatments are very successful and work wonders on the natural wellbeing of yourself.

Body Treatments at Botanica

Life can be stressful and weight loss plans may not always go according to plan. Going astray on the diet or missing a few days at the gym may not seem like a big deal if done irregularly, but the actual effect it can have on your body, coupled with daily stressors of work, kids, errands, chores, etc., is much bigger than you may realize.

Going to the spa is not always just to splurge and pamper yourself because you deserve it (which you do, of course!), but it can actually benefit your health in several ways. Relieving stress and tension is not only good for the soul, it’s also amazing for your health. Your body will thank you for going to the spa and treating it well.

Botanica Day Spa offers a truly glorious body treatment – the Mountain Glow Honey Butter Treatment. It exfoliates the skin with aromatic sea salts, honey butter, body balm, which is all wrapped around you in a warm blanket. Following that, your body is cleansed and moisturized, which is massaged in so your skin is left smooth, supple, and not to mention, glowing. How often do you treat your skin that nicely? The results on the outer skin are incredible and help remove dead skin cells from blocking new cells from reproducing, as well as hydrating it for healthy skin from top to bottom!

Another amazing body treatment we offer is a great addition to any weight loss program: the Lipo Slimming Treatment. Similar to Lipo Suction but less invasive, a high concentration of natural essential oils is blended to reduce fat and eliminate cellulite. This is combined with heat to relax you and increase detoxing of these fatty cells from your body. If you’re interested in healthy weight loss options, this treatment could be just right for you. These treatments promote health inside and out for you, while allowing you to relax and destress in our tranquil spa! Book a Body Treatment with us today and ask about our specials!



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